Everybody dreams of a perfect, fairytale wedding where things go according to script. But like “Bollywood shadis” things can pretty unpredictable for a real Indian wedding too. Of course, the hero doesn’t swoop in with his team of comrades to win the bride, but with the medley of rituals and ceremonies, it is quite easy for something to go wrong at any time. Have a look at a few things that can go wrong at the wedding and what you can do to prevent disasters.

What All Can Go Wrong During An Indian Wedding And How To Set Them Right

Ruining your Wedding Dress

However meticulously you plan your wedding day, there are many things that could go wrong, and one of the worst things could be ruining your wedding dress. Make sure your dress is sufficiently protected while you apply the bridal makeup or sip your drink. It is alright to get the jitters, but don’t spill anything on the dress. Keep children away from your wedding dress and its accessories. You cannot afford to let accidents happen and ruin your dress.


Unexpected Rains could Dampen everything, even your Spirit

Unexpected rains on your outdoor venue may ruin your plans for that perfect Indian marriage. In case, you fancy an outdoor event for your wedding, then check the weather and the seasonal forecast. Call the venue and ask for the options they have for weather inconsistencies. Of course, don’t wait for the last minute. Call them a few days before the wedding or go through the options when you are booking the venue. This is more applicable for people who plan to have destination weddings at the beach. You will probably have to move the entire ceremony indoors, but that is always better than holding umbrellas and getting married in the rain.

Not having Enough Food to Feed your Guests

Imagine getting married to your dream partner on a glorious day and you have plenty of unexpected guests pouring in. What will you do for the food? You’ve got to feed the army, right? So when you are planning your Indian marriage, ask your guests firmly if they will be turning up or not. If you get definite answers from them, you can have an approximate number of guests. Of course, if you hire a wedding planner, you can probably solve this problem before it even arises.

An Obnoxious DJ Band

There should be music at the Indian wedding, but make sure you hire the DJ band after thoroughly interviewing them. Look through their playlist and find out what all songs they are going to play. The songs should be perfect for an Indian wedding. If the guests ask for particular songs, they must have the necessary expertise and equipments to fulfil them. If not, what can be a perfectly awesome show can turn out to be a loathsome one.

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Alternate Electricity

This could probably turn out to be a nightmare during the wedding ceremony. A bulb blowing its fuse or a lightning that struck and cut off the power supply. Of course, your venue will have its own resources, but find out how equipped they are, what facilities they have, whether they have a full-time electrician during the ceremony time and what precautions they take in case of lightning strikes.