The treatment for stomatitis should proceed under the guidance of the dentist. First of all, the doctor eliminates the pain, because when in pain, the child does not take food. For this purpose, such medicine is used as an anesthetic emulsion and gel are prescribed.

On providing a pain relief, the disease causing factors are removed and the necessary drugs for lesions and for mucous membranes tissue normalization are prescribed. Depending on the cause of stomatitis antiviral, antifungal or antiseptic medicine is applied. The medicines strengthening immune system, for example lozenges, are to be taken in combination in with the drug, relieving edema. If herpetic stomatitis is the case, the dentist’s recommendation usually is to smear oral mucosa with buckthorn or rosehip oil four times a day.

How To Treat Stomatitis In Children?

The treatment for stomatitis in children is not to undertaken by their parents, especially with the application. Such experience cannot be important, valuable or useful, and few of the folk remedies are able to relieve the pain and prevent the disease from further development! » – warn dentists in Ohio. For example, in folk recipes the treatment with honey can be recommended, which is extremely contraindicated, because honey, being a sweet product creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Some folk methods of treatment for stomatitis, however, may be effective and useful, if hidebound. Such recuperative, anti-inflammatory and astringent decoctions and solutions as chamomile (Matricaria recutita), common St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), Calendula, sage (Salvia) tinctures and decoctions are used. Carrot or cabbage juice diluted by half with water may also be useful, when applied to the cankers, as well as the mixture of grated garlic with yogurt or sour milk. The child may be given the leaves of aloe and kalanchoe to chew. Hydrogen peroxide must not be applied in the oral cavity, as it causes mucus burn. All the homemade and folk remedies are to be used very carefully under the supervision of the dentist or not used at all.

With this disease, it is painful for the child to chew solid food, as well as too hot or cold food. The food should be warm and liquid. The best meal for the child in such condition is cereal, vegetarian soup, and other similar dishes. For an infant or a toddler, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese are preferable. However, the sugar is not to be added in any case until the full recovery, and sweets are to exclude from the diet.

Stomatitis is undergone more easily by the children, drinking a lot of water, as the ample fluid intake helps to eliminate toxins from the body. It is better not to make the child eat a lot, but feed him/her three or four times a day, providing a warm drink as often as possible.

During the course of treatment it is necessary for parents to closely monitor the child’s oral hygiene. He/she is to brush teeth every day and regularly rinse his/her mouth with anti-inflammatory solutions (decoction of sage and chamomile and other herbs, solutions of manganese and so on). If you are unsure, whether your child suffers from symptoms of stomatitis or it is something more serious, you should better consult a dentist. Get your emergency dental help here