You must have seen bouncy castles in various theme parks and parks. It is a favorite with kids and children as they can jump and play on them.

Things that Parents must Check Before Allowing their Kids to go on a Bouncy Castle

Your kids will start jumping at the sight of a bouncy castle in the park. But before you allow your kid to jump in the castle, it is important that you check some important things regarding the operations of the castle. Here are some questions that every parent should have in his mind in this regard:

  • How safe is the anchoring of the bouncy castle? There are different anchorage points in the castle and all of them should be fastened well. If the castle is put on some hard ground, then mooring straps need to be used in the solid points.
  • Is the impact absorbing mats placed at the right place of the bouncy castle? These are more applicable for castles that are put on hard ground. Usually these mats are placed in the open forward portion of the castle from where a child can hit the ground directly.
  • Is there an attendant taking care of the children on the bouncy castle? There should be a special person who should be given the responsibility of supervising the children playing on the bouncy castle. The person selling tickets cannot handle both the things well.
  • Are right numbers of children on the bouncy castle? It might happen that more numbers of children get on to the bouncy castle and it is not able to take the entire load. Children might get hurt if the castle is overloaded.
  • Are there big children on the castle along with little kids and toddlers? If this is the case, then the smaller kids might get injured while playing on the bouncy castle.
  • Do all the children follow the rules before getting into the bouncy castle? There are strict instructions that children should not carry any sharp object with them on the bouncy castle. They should also take their shoes off so that no one gets hurt from the same.

Bouncy Castles – A Favorite Game With The Kids

Things to Consider of you are Planning to Buy your Own Bouncy Castle or Hire One for some Special Occasion?

If you are planning to buy a bouncy castle or hire one for some special kids’ occasion, it is important that you ask the seller about detailed guidelines and valuable information. Some of them are as follows:

  • Details on placing the castle on the right surface so that anchorage is strong. In case you place it on hard ground, proper cushioning on the open side should be done for safety.
  • Knowing the different kinds of additional equipments like perimeter barriers and so on.
  • Making sure that children do not make attempts on climbing the walls of the bouncy castle, or take somersaults or eat or drink anything on the castle.
  • Knowing about steps that should be taken in case there is rainfall or if the weather is windy.
  • Information on mooring and inflation of the castle. At least foot long stakes should be used. If the castle is for outside use, then make sure that the system of anchorage is very strong and stable.
  • Know about the maximum numbers of children that can be accommodated on the bouncy castle conveniently. This will also be decided depending on the age and the weight of the children.
  • Find out what are the best supervision arrangements that can be made so that children can enjoy to the fullest without any problem.

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