If you are a fan of sausage, then you understand how this incredibly tasty meat can add flavor and substance to a variety of dining experiences. You might also be happy to learn that making it at home doesn’t have to be costly or difficult, and can provide you with a simple hobby that lets you create delectable treats in little time. Here are a few ways you get started making sausage from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Ingredients and Tools

To begin the process, you will need a few tools and ingredients. First, and most obviously, you will need your meat of choice: while many sausages are made from pork, you can actually use nearly anything, from chicken and turkey to game meats, and even buffalo. When choosing the meat, try to find cuts that contain anywhere from five to twenty percent fat.

Next, you will need a meat grinder, a tool necessary to create the finished product. You will also need mixing bowls, a clean surface, and any other spices you wish to add into your completed sausages.

Make Your Own Homemade Sausage

The Process of Making Sausage

Once you have everything together in your kitchen, you are now ready to start making your own homemade sausage.

To begin, work with a smaller batch of meat, anywhere from one to two pounds, to make sure you are creating a product that you will enjoy eating. Using a 1/8th inch grinding plate with your grinder, pass the meat through the grinder, making sure that it doesn’t stick or jam during the process. Before you add herbs and spices to the meat, mix them together in a half-cup to one cup of ice water, ensuring that they dissolve well into the liquid: this process will help the herbs and spices mix in correctly with the meat. Once the herb liquid is saturated, mix it together in small portions into the ground meat in the bowl.

As this may be your first time cooking sausage, take a small portion of your finished product and cook it on a griddle or skillet – if the flavor is to your liking, you can continue making the sausage with your new recipe. If it needs any additional alterations, you can quickly make changes to ensure it comes out how you want. If you want some variety in your sausage, you can also separate the meat, and add various spices to different sections of the food.

Finishing Touches

You’re finally ready to eat your sausage! You can bake, boil, grill, or even skillet fry sausage to add flavor and texture into almost any creation. Additionally, if you would rather have it in link form, you can search the store for specific casing materials that allow for easy stuffing.

Enjoy the Meat

Sausage is a delicious meat dish that works well in a variety of locations and for multiple occasions. And now, instead of purchasing it from the store, you can easily make it yourself for a tasty homemade treat.

This article was written by Jules Parmer, hostess extraordinaire.  She thinks there is no better sausage than homemade, and recommends professional meat grinding equipment if you plan to make this for your restaurant.