Many people see a hot tub as an item purely for enjoyment, but there is actually far more to them than you think. It’s true, they are still the ultimate item to own if you do a lot of summer entertaining and want to impress friends and neighbours, but you can get so much more out of a hot tub than just a place to chill and we’ve been lucky enough to chat with the UK distributors of VitaSpa Hot Tubs on just what these benefits are.

A hot tub can mean the difference between a life ruled by pain and discomfort, or the ability to go about your everyday life with renewed mobility for many arthritis sufferers. It can often mean a reduction in painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs for some who use them on a regular basis. In fact over the past years they have come to be one of the recommended forms of treatment by the Arthritis Association as an aid to the condition.

Everyone can suffer from the effects of stress at sometime in their lives, and left untreated it can lead to other more serious illnesses and conditions. Of course a certain amount of stress and the odd adrenalin rush are part of everyday life, but when your health starts to suffer then it’s time to do something about it. Once again, using a hot tub can combat any harmful effects and bring stress levels back down to normal.

Type 2 diabetes is another one of our modern illnesses that can be brought on by excess weight and too much unsuitable food. It can often mean spending the rest of your life on drugs unless a significant change is made to reduce weight and live a healthier life. Research has found that in many cases using a hot tub can greatly improve the condition and once again lead to a reduction in the amount of drugs required to control it. Combined with a healthier lifestyle, there is the possibility that the diabetes could disappear altogether.