Are you a startup business looking to gain more business online? If you are a start-up business that is doing fairly well then you may not be paying out costs for offices and equipment just yet. If you do have some budget to spare then you should be putting some aside to spend on digital marketing in Edinburgh. 

Starting up Business in Edinburgh

There are a number of reasons why you should set up shop in Edinburgh. The Scottish capital is a leading tech city that has an impressive, dynamic and successful tech community and a proven track record of innovation, disruption, and global success.

The success of Edinburgh businesses can be seen globally as Scots are creating business plans based on technology, bioTech, and finTech. One of the main benefits of basing your business in Edinburgh is that it can boast a wealth of resources from the world leading research and academia, a great Edinburgh digital marketing and design community and strong local investment.

Digital Marketing In Edinburgh: Services For Startups

Digital Marketing in Edinburgh

The fact is, your business needs online marketing if it is to survive. By choosing a digital marketing agency in Edinburgh you are guaranteed a team that has, qualifications, experience, and skills that will help your business build its portfolio online.

Outsourcing you digital marketing will benefit your business in many ways. If you do not come from a marketing background then or have never built or managed a website before then a digital marketing team have the ability to run a campaign for you.

PPC in Edinburgh

First we will discuss paid search. Paid search is quick and easy to set up if you are experienced in AdWords, if you are not then you will need the support of a digital marketing PPC expert in Edinburgh.

This type of campaign is an excellent choice for startup businesses as you can start making money as soon as possible. PPC in Edinburgh is more popular than ever before, Smarter Digital Marketing say that a “PPC agency in Edinburgh can highlight any strategic areas of weakness within your current campaign. This is in order to allow you to find an appropriate path to improvement”.

If you are unsure of what PPC stands for, it means pay-per-click, this means that advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

SEO Edinburgh

SEO in Edinburgh

There are many forms of digital marketing. Let’s look at SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, and organic search. This is the visitors that arrive at your site naturally. Many users prefer organic results as they are viewed to be more trustworthy.

If you are not using this strategy, then you are at risk of falling behind. We are living in a digital era which means that your business needs a long term digital marketing strategy that is based on relevancy.

Seach engines love content and crawl text for keywords and phrases. An SEO copywriter can help you write the text which is needed for your online website, however, text and images are both important as you should always use image alt tags for SEO purposes.