Not many of us can claim to be perfect Christmas shoppers. At some time or another, we always need to find last minute gifts to really share how much we care with those special people in our lives. Whether it is for the teacher that you forgot to include in your shopping list or for that person who seems just too special to decide on the perfect gift, last minute Christmas shopping can end up being a huge holiday season stress. Don’t fret. There are some easy go-to Christmas gift ideas that anyone would be happy to receive.

Charity at the Heart of Christmas

If you’re holiday schedule is just too packed to even make it back to the mall for last minute gifts, there are many ways to make quick online purchases that speak volumes. Giving to charity in the name of the gift recipient can be really meaningful, especially if you choose a cause that they hold close to their heart. There are several charitable Christian organizations, like this one supporting orphanages worldwide, that are bound to tug at the heartstrings of any gift recipient who holds on tight to the true meaning of Christmas. My favorite charity to support over the holidays, which has become somewhat of a holiday tradition for my family, is Heifer International where you can donate livestock to help struggling families in the developing world to help them lift themselves out of hunger and poverty. However you do it, be sure to invest wisely and choose reputable charitable organizations that are renowned for their impact. As far as Christmas gifts go, these donations go further than most in helping you feel good, the gift recipient as well, and the beneficiaries of your generosity.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Tips

Road Safety for the Whole Year

Although it’s not the most romantic gesture, gifting something as useful as an annual motor club membership can also be a heartfelt reminder that you care about your beloved’s safety on the road. And whenever they encounter a flat tire or lock themselves out of their vehicle throughout the year to come, they’ll think of you as they quickly recover their car owner’s worst nightmare.

Gift Baskets Are More Feasible Than You Think

I’m thinking of those teachers and officemates that you just can’t get a handle on what kind of gift they’d like. Homemade gift baskets, when handled with sufficient creativity, can be really touching. They are also quick to pull together in a pinch. Try making a teacher/office survival kit with packages of note cards, post-it notes, and other fun office supply trinkets. Or throw together handy kitchen gadgets that practically every household needs, like mini-whisks and pizza slicers. The level of personalization is up to you and how well you know the gift recipient, but be as creative as possible and don’t hold back. Fill a basket with love and it will be evident.

Jewelry Will Always Be Romantic

But if you waited until the last minute because you just can’t find a gift meaningful enough, extravagant enough, enough, look no further than your local jewelry shop or favorite online jewelry retailer. Jewelry remains a classic Christmas gift for a reason. It shows the recipient that you’re both serious and thoughtful. And don’t be misled otherwise: both men and women love to receive jewelry. I don’t think you can go wrong with watches for the men in your life. And if the holiday spirit has taken hold of you, make a statement with diamonds. Then watch her face when she opens that Herkimer Diamond Quartz that you scored somehow last minute and somehow just in time. That’s when you know you chose right!