There are many benefits to having an outdoor water storage tank. Humans, animals, and plants all need water to survive, so it simply makes sense to have water on hand. Some parts of the country do not have easily accessible water, and in these places it makes sense to have a reliable water supply. Some homes, instead of having water piped in from municipal sources or pumped from a well, have water trucked in at frequent intervals. These homes have to be equipped with water storage tanks. Other homes use water for irrigation or to water livestock or simply for personal use. A water storage tank creates a buffer so that if there is a delay in water delivery, there is still water available to use.

Benefits of a Water Storage Tank

Storing water is recommended, even by the government. Because water is a basic need, having extra on hand is a great idea. Irrigation needs can be handled with on-hand water that has been saved in an outdoor storage tank. Imagine what the water bill will look like when municipal sources are never used for lawn and garden irrigation needs! Most areas receive enough rainfall to take care of irrigation needs, if managed properly. Caring for one’s own water needs with the help of an outdoor water storage tank is a fantastic way to keep lush gardens and pristine lawns without breaking the bank.

Water storage tanks also offer the knowledge that if any serious problems arise, there is water on hand for personal and animal use. In an emergency situation, clean water is essential for survival. Knowing that there is enough water on hand to cover any need in an emergency will bring peace of mind. Additionally, having a permanent water storage tank installed can positively affect property values.

Why It Pays To Build A Water Storage Tank

Cost Versus Reward

In many places, the price of water and sewage is tied together, so every gallon used for irrigation is charged double because of the expected cost to treat the reclaimed water. This makes watering lawns and washing cars very expensive. Other places have water plans that bill in tiers, each thousand or so gallons used raising the price per gallon. By storing and using water, these costs can be managed effectively. After a few billing cycles, the cost of installing that tank will seem inconsequential

Building or Buying

There are two options for water storage tanks: building or buying. Building a water storage tank can be very affordable. One homeowner used roofing supplies and wire to create a water storage tank for $34. Other water storage tanks can be made using an IBC, or intermediate bulk container. These can be very useful for storing water because the IBCs were created to store liquids effectively. Water storage tanks can also be made of concrete. This method of storing water is effective and fairly easy to do. Purchasing a pre-made water storage tank may be easiest initially but these tanks may not be completely reliable. Even professional-grade liquid storage tanks can leak occasionally, so it’s important to keep a close eye and maintain these tanks to be sure they are working correctly.

Benjamin Witherspoon is a freelance writer from Wenatchee, WA. Curious and interested readers can learn more about water storage tanks from Dragon Products LTD.

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