In industrial sewing and especially bag manufacture, there are a number of names that are more important than others. There are a variety of industrial sewing machines whose names symbolize quality. The list of the names for bag closing equipment includes Juki, Union Special, Protex, Siruba, Seiko and Bieffe. Finding a great supplier in Australia of these machines should hinge on your understanding of these names.

Types of Closers

The three main bag closing machines sold are the Automatic bag-closing machines for tape-bound closure, automatic bag closing machines and Standard bag closing machines. Under these, there are brand names of different reputable companies. Among others, the brand names most associated with bag closing include Union Special Bag Closer Columns and the Union Special 80800 series, the Siruba AA-6 and the Newlong NP-7A. The machines start and stop automatically, operate at a very high speed and are durable. Their installation is simple and each machine handles distinct work.

Review Of The Best Names In Industrial Sewing

The Best Name

Another name that you cannot miss on the list is the Juki Corporation. This company manufactures high quality industrial as well as household sewing machines. Their machines are durable and work at great speeds. The name Juki is often associated with quality in the sewing industry. They sell many different industrial as well as household sewing machines along with their accessories. Juki machines are very widely known worldwide for their efficacy in training schools and as great industrial machines. Most suppliers sell a wide selection of bag closing equipment which includes automatic bag closing machines, Automatic bag-closing machines for tape-bound closure and Standard bag closing machines. Under these categories, there are many brands with different features. When purchasing a brand name machine in Australia, always look for an authorized dealer that can provide solid service, accessories, parts and even service your machine.

There is a lot more information and reviews of the best names in commercial and industrial sewing. However, the key thing is that sewing machine buyers should select only products that have built a name for themselves and meet their specific sewing requirements. It is always easy to upgrade to a better machine. There is a lot of information and reviews on many websites that can provide individual experiences that you can rely on. To obtain the best information on these superior machines visit or contact an authorized dealer for advice on your situation.