When you go to choose the office for your business, keep in mind that there are different elements that influence productivity and sales. Many people made the mistake of choosing the local only considering the price. They believed that with a good product local would least, but it was not. After several months they had to close because the customer profile, he visited the area was not commensurate with the value proposition of my business.

8 Things To Consider In Choosing The Office For Your Business

Then I explain what other factors should be taken into account in addition to price, to choose the office or the appropriate venue for your business:

Location: The area in which your business is located, will influence the type of customers you will attract. You must choose a strategic and secure location that allows you to be accessible to your customers and your suppliers.

Size: Depending on the number of people who go to work, the type of business and the number of clients you can serve time, you must decide how much you need your office. If the space is too small, it could affect staff productivity and be uncomfortable for your clients. If the office is too large, you might be overpaying for space you do not need.

Lighting:Lighting influences the motivation and performance of employees. Choose offices that have good lighting and are in a suitable environment for your staff. If the office does not have proper lighting, it could even lead to health problems in workers.

Noise: Avoid offices in noisy areas. Noise is annoying to your customers and affects the productivity of your employees.

Price: Depending on the budget that you count, you must choose whether to lease or buy. The price should be in line with the profitability of your business. If you do not have the budget for the ideal office for your business, you can resort to the financial sector, for example, mortgage loans for purchase of offices.

Security: Considering that’ll leave your office computers, money and important information, it is essential to choose an office that has the necessary security measures to keep you quiet.

Your Value Proposition: If you sell products and services of high value and want to convey confidence, elegance and status, you should choose an office that is commensurate with that value proposition. If the office is not consistent with what you offer, perceived customer value will be low and will not be willing to pay you what you charge.

Customers segment is very important that you are clear what your ideal client profile and choose the office according to the characteristics of it. No matter how good your product, if you do not attract the right customer, you end up losing the focus of your business.