You won’t see many people wondering about the effectiveness of Facebook in the promotion and marketing of a business since most of the people, especially the business oriented people, around the world know what Facebook is. Facebook is a platform carrying millions of people and these millions of people are using Facebook for hours on a daily basis. Facebook is not being used from personal computers only but it is now also being used from smartphones and tablets. Not to mention, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are now the platforms for growing number of online sales and transactions.

Why Is Facebook Such An Important Platform To Promote A Business?

More than 70% of the population in US using internet is using Facebook and these are the users who are actively searching for things and navigating on the internet. These are the people who actively involve themselves in online sales and business too. Eventually, these are the people who must become your Facebook fans in order to take your business to greater heights. Their frequent activity on the internet proves that if they mention the name of your business, hundreds of other people in their contacts will automatically be familiarized with the name of your business.

Just like your blog serves as a companion to your main business websites, your Facebook page serves as a companion to both, your website and the blog. Providing the link of your blog and website on your Facebook page can easily direct the visitors of the page to your website. You can always let them know if newly launched products and services. You can also guide them to the useful links on your website to answer their frequent questions regarding your product and service. Once your website, blog and Facebook page are interlinked the traffic will move in a cycle but the benefit will be yours eventually.

Lucas from Marketing Heaven writes on his blog, “Facebook gives you the chance of interacting with the visitors and your existing customers on a personal level”.People get a more personal experience when you interact with them on your Facebook page rather than replying to their inquiries on your website. They could always imagine that a software/bot is engaging them in a conversation but they don’t get this same feeling when interacting with you on your Facebook page. Once again, while posting a reply or answer to a particular inquiry of the customer you can provide your website’s link for further details and direct the traffic on the website.

Facebook is not only about free advertising through your Facebook page but your Facebook followers are the vehicles that carry your message to all corners of the world. If these users are following you and they have liked your page on the Facebook everyone in their contacts or whoever interacts with them will know your name too. It’s always great to have some famous people included in your followers so they can have an impression on their followers too. This unstoppable method of marketing from the word of mouth proves to be the most cost effective marketing.