From animals and art to bugs and magic, gender-neutral birthday party themes are designed to suit the tastes of both boys and girls. Gender neutral parties keep you from alienating one gender from the other. To include everyone equally, incorporate a gender neutral party theme for your child to create a lasting impression.

Rhyme On A Dime

A favorite author for childhood rhyming classics, Dr. Seuss explores the endless possibilities of cats in hats, green eggs and ham, and hopping on pop. Tie in this fun theme to your small child’s party with affordable decorations, foods, and activities. For twins, go with a Thing 1 and Thing 2 theme. Add in a crazy topsy-turvy cake reminiscent of Dr. Seuss fantasies. Hold a treasure hunt using confusing directional signs that are signature of the Dr. Seuss series, and create a map for kids to follow around the house and yard, decked out in the likeness of Seussville.

Candy Shop

Most little ones love candy! A candy shop theme incorporating all the goodies and sweets they could possibly desire is the ideal theme for indulging a sweet tooth. From gumball-topped cupcakes to rock candy or cotton candy, offer up all your child’s favorite treats. Transform the party room into a candy shop filled with jars of candy swirls, gum drops, lollipops, and licorice, complete with scoops for germ-free helpings into their own custom goodie bags. Put out jars of candy and ask kids to guess how many, with the winner receiving a prize, suggests Parents magazine.

6 Gender Neutral Theme Parties For Kids

Awesome Ocean

If your child adores the sea and all its wonderful creatures, turn your living room into an ocean wonderland. A tiered cake with fondant fish, star fish, sea shells and bubbles, complemented by brown sugar on the bottom to simulate sand, finishes off the look. You can even top the cake with a mermaid or pirate. Hand out small decorative bubble containers as party favors, and set out treasure chests brimming with gold chocolate coins, plastic pirate swords, and bead necklaces.


With magic and Merlin in mind, give your child a magical birthday he won’t soon forget. Make a cake in the shape of a black top hat with rabbit ears poking out, hand out black licorice or chocolate-dipped pretzels as magic wands, and serve “magic potion” in clear jars filled with fruit punch. Send kids home with goodie bags filled with playing cards, dice sets, and magic coin tricks.

Have A Camp Out

If your child loves the great outdoors, have a sleepover camp-out party for all her friends. Set up a big tent in the backyard, light a fire in the fire pit, create some gooey s’mores, tell ghost stories, sing camp songs, and hand out glow necklaces to help keep track of the kiddos in the dark. Set out lanterns, organize classic games of kick the can, and offer customize chocolate bar wrappers as party favors bearing your child’s name.

Become Artistes

Kids love to get messy and creative, so throw an art-themed party suitable for both boys and girls. Cover picnic tables with newspaper or paper table cloths, setting out different artistic mediums on each table to create stations. One table could have finger paints while another table could feature clay creations or homemade play dough, using simple ingredients such as flour, salt, vegetable oil and water tinted with food coloring, says Martha Stewart. Set out sidewalk chalk to encourage further artistic designs on your driveway. Just be sure to have plenty of wipes available for all the messes that are bound to crop up.

This article written by Ashlyn Cooper, mommy blogger.  Her favorite party idea is Rhyme On A Dime, and recommends that parents dress up and get involved, be dr seuss or the cat in the hat, and have a great time!

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  1. These ideas are great themes for kids. I camp out is a great one. Especially in the country where we make the biggest bomb fires and no neighbors to disturb.

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