Whether you are a seasoned angler or a novice starting out, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a world-class destination for fishing and relaxation. Not only are the reefs and seawalls teaming with all manner of deep-sea game, the islands are bustling with activities for all ages. This all means that Turks and Caicos are the go-to destination, whether you are travelling with friends, family or alone.

Now, your party and their desires are going to dictate how you go about booking that dream Turks and Caicos vacation. Not sure where to start? This guide will walk you through each step of the way.

Planning Your Turks and Caicos Fishing Vacation

1. Destination

Until recently, the Turks and Caicos were a relatively unknown tourist destination. Despite some development over the past decade, this relaxed, off the beaten track vibe has remained meaning wherever you choose to stay will be unspoiled and serene.

Providenciales is the most densely populated island with a number of hotels and resorts centred on the world’s most beautiful beach, Grace Bay. Despite this, the island is still home to just over 23,000 inhabitants and so is by no been busy. It is the place to go if you are searching for a little more hustle and bustle, magnificent, seven star accommodation and incredible luxury.

North Caicos, South Caicos and Parrot Cay are more sparsely populated and perhaps better suited if you are after a more intimate, secluded getaway. Whilst most fishing trips do depart from Providenciales, you won’t struggle to find excursions leaving from the other ports and harbours dotted around the islands.

Grand Turk is home to the capital of the islands, Cockburn Town, and here you’ll find an eclectic mix of affluence and history. It is on Grand Turk that Columbus first made landfall on his first voyage to the new world in 1492. As well as museums, old colonial buildings and plantations, you’ll find luxury cruise liners and yachts to rival any in the world.

2. Accommodation

For private parties or families, beach condos to rent in the Turks & Caicos Islands are a fantastic option. The accommodation gives you and your party your own space, a base from which to explore and direct access to the magnificent waters of the Caribbean. You’ll have to take a short journey into the nearest port or harbour to head out on your fishing excursion, but taxis and shuttle buses are inexpensive and relatively reliable. Alternatively, hiring your own transport is a cost effective method of getting around.

If you are more interested in being looked after, consider one of the islands many hotels or resorts. The Turks and Caicos can accommodate almost any budget, with hotels ranging from the affordable to the extremely affluent. Providenciales is home to some of the most luxurious resorts in the entire Caribbean.

If your entire party isn’t planning on fishing, choose a resort or destination with plenty to do for all the party. Fortunately in Turks and Caicos there are a host of water sports, sports and exploring for anyone to get involved in. Scuba, snorkelling, golf and tennis are just an example of what you can find when you’re on dry land.

3. Fishing

Last but not least, it is time to plan your fishing. Fortunately, in Turks and Caicos, everything is provided so, unless you really want to, there is no need to bring your own rods, tackle or gear. There are dozens of types of fishing excursions to choose from, each as exciting and enjoyable as the last.

If it’s an exhilarating tussle with blue marlin or yellowfin tuna you are after, then deep sea fishing might just be for you. You’ll fight it out with some of the Caribbean’s most challenging catch in the hope of landing a whopper. You can charter your own private vessel or join onto a group excursion; either are great ways of getting out on the open sea.

Unless you have a specific excursion in mind, you are as well leaving the booking of your trip to when you arrive on Turks and Caicos. This way you’ll be able to ask advice from your concierge as well as pay any fees upfront in cash.