We may have cleaned contaminants of our indoor air, but green living also requires clean lifestyle. There could be dust in our room that could accumulate and affect our health. In general, we could keep the mount of dust at a minimum by regularly vacuuming the interior. We could use micro-fiber cloth to clean up any residual. It will also be helpful to do basic maintenance on our HVAC. We should change the filer of our air conditioning set and vacuum the filter if it is reusable.

One good way to cut down the amount of dirt and dust in our house is by putting walk off mats at the door. It is also a good idea to take off our shoes when we enter the house. Alternatively, we could use slippers inside the house.

How To Have Clean Air In Our House

The human civilization has achieved its most technologically advanced era and it is a good idea to ensure our interior is shielded from anything that’s bad for us. As an example, the interior of our house could have relatively intense magnetic and electric fields. While there’s no solid proof that these fields could affect our health, it is reported that people could have chronic fatigue or insomnia when they live in a place with somewhat intense magnetic field for a period of time.

We should check our house, to ensure that there is no ungrounded wiring and high voltage lines.

Dust and invisible shields are not only our concern. On a typical house, there could products that are made from hundreds, if not thousands of different chemicals. They may include, binding agents, adhesive, flexible duct systems, PVC, weather stripping, foam sheathing, laminate flooring, wire insulation, paint and carpet. In general, it is possible for products like paint to emit tiny amount of VOCs into our interior.

Voc can be consisted of formaldehyde and benzene; both can cause different problems, such as eye issues, dizziness, nausea and headaches. This problem could get worse if our house has less than ideal insulation.

It is believed that formaldehyde could act as carcinogen and it can be found in carpeting, draperies and clothing. In more intense concentration, formaldehyde could be detected as a pungent-smelling gas that causes asthma attacks, breathing difficulties, nausea and watery eyes. There are great strides in the manufacturing sector to reduce content of harmful chemicals in tires, wool, straw, soda bottles, paper and other products.

The cotton plantation is notorious for regular use of pesticide and the harmful chemicals could make their way into our skin and eventually into our bodies. Bleached cotton may also look good, but this could cause respiratory illness and various allergy symptoms.

When purchasing inks for home or office uses, we should make sure that they don’t contain any harmful metal. If our home has potentially toxic paint, it is better to ensure that the interior is well-ventilated. Scraping the paint may not be a good idea and it would better to cover the wall with safer paints to reduce the emission.

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