Transportable buildings are offering a wide range of options for people who need to have extra spaces to store their belongings, expand office space, or just to add some square footage at home or office. Right now it’s better than ever if you want to add an extra space by using a mobile building. There are so many manufacturers nowadays offering transportable homes with great pricing. Here are some of the main reasons why transportable buildings are a great choice for you.


Movable buildings are very affordable, they are much cheaper than conventional buildings and even more affordable compared to renting a storage space. If for example you spend $150 a month for renting a storage space, within 3 years time you will spend the amount of money that’s enough to purchase a nice unit of a movable building. You won’t have to spend another dime for renting a space and when you no longer need the space you can get a large portion of your money back by reselling the unit.

Why Movable Building Is A Great Choice


When you purchase portable building homes, you will likely get empty shells, but the good thing is you can customize them anyway you want according to your needs. If you want to use it as a storage, you can add shelving, you can also add other things like doors, windows or whatever it is you see fit. Additionally you can ask the manufacturer to add some lightings or some specific electrical installation.

Furthermore, you can also choose your preferred materials to be used in the construction of the portable building. There are many options available on the material structures, but you can always make a custom order to have the materials built based on your needs and creativity. With the improvement of technology being used in the manufacturing of movable homes, almost anything is possible now, so you can just be as creative as you want when designing your portable home.


Portability is definitely one of the biggest plus points of movable homes. It is true that each of these mobile homes has different levels of portability, some can be easily transportable – even though not exactly like a trailer that you can simply attach to your car and drag it – and some others can be quite difficult and require some heavy machineries. for people who often move, it’s a huge advantage. This portability feature also makes these buildings perfect for architects and engineers when they need an onsite office at a construction site, shelters for officers at military camps, dressing room for celebrities at a shooting location, etc.

Easy Permits

Setting up a portable building is not only quick, but compared to conventional building, the permits are so much easier to get. A lot of manufacturers can offer a transportable building package that includes giving assistance for necessary building permits. Even if you want to take care of the permits yourself it’s still quite easy. Mostly, portable buildings are only required to meet deed restrictions, and all manufacturers know this, so they will only manufacture buildings that meet these restrictions.