What Are The Benefits Of eDiscovery In Office 365 For Your Organization?

Your organization is large volume of data as electronic documents and files and email messages, which are extremely valuable. You also have vast amounts of webpages and social data to take care of. There are major legal and compliance requirements with respect to the preservation, search and production of this data. You will have to search and export the content in a format that can be readily handed to requests. The latest eDiscovery capabilities within Office 365 Trial help your achieve much more.

What Are The Benefits Of eDiscovery In Office 365 For Your Organization?

How eDiscovery Helps Your Business

eDiscovery involves the process of searching, analyzing, preserving, and producing content in electronic formats to meet standard complaint requirements. It helps in saving time and reducing legal risk with the help of:

  • In-Place Hold
  • Ability for handling more content types
  • Conduct near real-time search

You can conduct eDiscovery from Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and file shares from the same place. You content can be protected within Exchange and SharePoint with In-Place Hold. You can also identify and minimize the volume of content with eDiscovery queries available from and the results can be exported to offline formats which can be provided for legal reviews.

Microsoft Exchange Online Plans

Microsoft Exchange Online is available as standalone service or as part of the Office 365 plan including Office, Skype for Business and SharePoint. There are two standalone plans – the Exchange Online Plan 1 and Exchange Online Plan 2. The Plan 2 gives you all the features and benefits of Plan 1 along with additional features.

Standard Common Features

  • Massive Mailboxes – You can assign a mailbox of up to 50GB storage for each user. Each message can be of maximum 150MB.
  • Outlook Support – Different users are allowed to connect Outlook (supported versions) to Exchange Online. This means they are able to use the familiar, rich client application.
  • Browser access – Outlook Web App allows your users web-client access with the familiar interface of the Outlook client.
  • Outlook App – The Outlook app for Android and iOS allows your users to do more on their smartphones and tablets. A Windows 10 support is in the pipeline.
  • Collaborate on Documents – Single-click feature for saving attachments to OneDrive for Business. The link to the file can be shared instantly from within the Outlook Web App.

The other common features include:

  • Inbox management
  • Groups
  • Shared calendar and contacts
  • Security
  • Third-party apps for Outlook
  • In-Place Archive

Unique Features of Plan 2

The unique features of the Plan 2 are as following:

  • In-Place Hold – Preserve edited and deleted mailbox items within the primary mailboxes of users and In-Place Archives.
  • Hosted voicemail – Make the most of hosted unified messaging services for dial-in user interface, call answering, and company automated attendant feature.
  • Unlimited storage – Get unlimited storage along with the 50GB primary mailbox storage within the user’s In-Place Archive.
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) – Built-in DLP policies meeting PCI and PII standards allow control over sensitive business data, helping you in the identification, monitoring and protection of sensitive data via deep content analysis.

Benefits of Office 365 Enterprise E1

Microsoft office 365 enterprise e1 allows your teams to carry out easier and quicker file sharing, online meetings, and real-time co-authoring. You and your teams can do all this from anywhere and on any device, allowing you to get more done. You could also integrate Office 365 Enterprise E1 with your current settings and select mix and match services for providing the right applications to each user. Thanks to easy management and automated tasks, the IT costs can be further reduced.

You should always purchase eDiscovery in Office 365 from Apps4Rent, a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) instead of buying directly from Microsoft. Microsoft provides far limited end-user support. But a Tier-1 Microsoft CSP helps you with assistance during setup, migration, deployment and post-migration phase round the clock – 24x7x365 via live chat, phone and email. They have Microsoft-certified specialists who ensure that there is no data loss or business downtime during migration. Most interestingly, the 24×7 end-user support and the complete migration assistance is offered for free.