Summer is here and if you haven’t got your summer wardrobe essentials sorted, you’re in the right place! With these 5 staples in your wardrobe, you will be able to mix and match to create endless beautiful outfits that will get heads turning for all the right reasons. So, have a good clear out, organise your wardrobe ready for a few new additions and let’s heat things up and introduce our must have summer wardrobe essentials! 


A White Skirt Coord

Our first womens summer wardrobe essential is a white skirt coord! This is the ideal piece for summer, as you can wear it together with some bright and beautiful accessories, or keep it simple with brown heels and a bag, wavy hair and super glowy makeup. 

The beauty of a skirt coord is that you can also mix and match the top and skirt to create so many other outfits. For example, pair the top with jeans on slightly cooler days or more colourful skirts. Pair the white skirt with lots of different cute drop tops, and dress down with trainers for the perfect weekend brunch outfit. 

Having a beautiful white outfit in the wardrobe is a must for any summer occasion, and with a skirt coord, you can create so many different combinations from super dressy to super casual to see you through the summer. 


Denim Shorts

Next up we have a pair of denim shorts! When it comes to denim shorts, it’s worth spending a bit more money and investing in a good pair, as these are never, ever going to go out of style. If you buy from a reputable company like Levi’s, they will repair your jeans for life for free!

With denim shorts, choose any style or colour denim that you like, that will go with lots of different things. We love a pair of mom shorts, as they are super comfortable as well as stylish, so you can style them up or down for any occasion. 



Hear us out on this one! Much like with the coord above, having a tracksuit in your summer wardrobe is a must, as you can style it all together on the cooler evenings, or mix and match the hoodie with shorts and skirts or the joggers with crop tops to help amplify your streetwear wardrobe for summer. 

This is another good chance to invest in a womens tracksuit, as again, when you choose a more simple design it’s never going to go out of style. Simple and sophisticated, having a great tracksuit in your wardrobe this summer is a must for your wardrobe! 


Layering Necklaces

Moving onto accessories, you’ve got to have some layering necklaces in your summer wardrobe! These are such a delicate and beautiful addition to any outfit and you probably already have them at home. Choose 3 thin necklaces that are made with the same colour metal, or you might need to invest in one more. They should all be very slightly different lengths to get the look you are wanting and then add some variety with different pendants perhaps to keep things interesting! 

These look particularly beautiful with a full white outfit, so make sure to put them on with your coord!  


An Oversized White Shirt

Last but not least, we have an oversized white shirt! This is one of the most diverse pieces you could have in your wardrobe, as you can wear it on its own with a belt around the waist as a stunning dress, you could tuck it into your denim shorts, you could wear it open over the top of your white coord with trainers for a more casual look or you could wear it with jeans and red lipstick for a classic daytime look. 

Overall, the white shirt is one of the best pieces to have in your wardrobe this summer!