An office is defined as any place, premises for some work, from this perspective as entrepreneurs, we must provide the best conditions of care and organization in our company must begin to project ourselves into the future and know that we’ll start in the garage at home but later you can be in a wide office a prestigious sector.

Regardless space, we teach you to save every centimeter of your office, we understand perfectly that space is an indicator of money, so we must optimize the functionality of our office.

5 Tips To Save Space In Your Office


Everything comes from an idea do you remember? It is important that notes the objects that you consider important for the functioning of your office having the list price begins to corroborate if it exceeds the budget, postpones some items for later, leaving only the most important.

Choosing the Right Furniture

It is one of the keys in our office before making the purchase, we must visualize the space each item will occupy; but we can also look for alternatives to save square meters and why not?, increase our productivity. We can use the transferable dual function, allowing us to archive documents, office, etc. But while we can use as an auxiliary surface or any other additional function to provide.

Determine Your Workspace

Please note if you work with a multimedia computer or just need space for a laptop, also if you need space for documents, writing space or on the contrary everything you drive through digital media. Additional lighting provides the place, have at hand office desk, printer and a comfortable chair (if you spend the most time at the computer), a shelf and some auxiliary elements. The important thing is not really overloaded the space with unnecessary items.

Everything in its Place

You can place you in the best place in town, with technology, but if there is no order, did you know that there is nothing to contribute more to the loss of concentration than a cluttered workspace? There are always creative solutions keep and hide all important documents so you do not accumulate folders and leaves in the corner of the office.

Other Projects with different Teams

If you make meetings constantly, you should have some extra chairs for guests, also those and furniture casters to open space and integrating people who have just arrived. Tables modular desk without significant to allow you to create small separate areas within the office.