Millennials, also known as Generation Y (born between early 80s and mid-90s), are revolutionizing the world and increasingly are gaining more weight in the business world. This is a generation of young highly educated and skilled, with an optimistic vision of the future that will motivate new challenges.

That is why working patterns and organizational culture of companies is changing gradually to give rise to new ways of working that meet the requirements of this generation, which now represents 25% of the population in the world. The structure of traditional work that worked years ago has become totally obsolete and a new era in which working hours are less rigid opens, collaboration and team spirit is the basis of business and freedom of the premium employees on everything.

The Millennial Generation and New Working Models

How this Generation Influence in the New Work Techniques?

Greater Flexibility

One of the main features that meet the millennials is based on flexibility: nice work days, fixed schedules and environments without any strings attached. In short, they look for anything that motivates creativity and innovation, within an environment of collaboration and continuous exchange with their computer.

Business centers are a good alternative for this generation, because it is flexible workspaces, social and fun spaces where premium design and foster collaboration among team members (and even employees of other Business).


On many occasions, the millennials do not find in companies what they want or what they consider the best place to work. So often they themselves become their own boss and decide to embark on the adventure of entrepreneurship.

Work from Home

Freelance, self-employed, entrepreneurs, if there is anything that characterizes young people of Generation Y is working from home: the flexibility that this type of employment allows them is vital to their professional development. The virtual office is one of the most valuable options for new entrepreneurs, allowing them greater freedom without neglecting your business.


Young employees or entrepreneurs are characterized by their ability to do several things at once. The times and difficulties in the labor market have led them to form in different areas, making them competent in different departments within the company.

The generation characterized by freedom has entered fully into the business world.