There are chances that you have received calls from third party financial services recruiters telling you they have some great career opportunities. Maybe you laughed at them, or at the very least you didn’t take them seriously. No matter what your opinion of them, financial services headhunters can be a valuable resource in getting you your next job.

There are many times when you will be contacted by a headhunter Chicago when you’re not considering a career change. You might be very content with your current employer which is a good thing. However, what the financial services recruiter might be offering is a career opportunity that’s better than the one you currently have. The next time a head hunter Chicago calls you, don’t be so quick to get them off the phone. The few minutes you invest in a conversation could turn into a great job for you. So what should you do the next time a head hunter Chicago calls you at work? Here are a few suggestions.

Find out as many details as you can about the company. Chances are pretty good financial service recruiters won’t tell you the name of the company, at least during this first phone call. There are some things you can find out that will help you decide if it’s the type of company you’d like to work for. You might want to ask questions with regards to the size of the company, in terms of revenue, sales, number of employees, number of locations, etc. find out also whether the company is international, how long they have been in business and whether it is a public or private company.

Let A Headhunter Help You Find A New Job

You should also ask the financial services headhunters all information about the position. Ask questions to find out about the role and responsibilities of this position. This might not be the right fit for you in your career. Some points to clarify will include the job title, key duties and responsibilities, where the position is located, why the position is available, length of time it’s been open and travel requirements, if any.

Once you have known about the company and the new position, it is time to find out about the financial services recruiters. Ask about his/her experience and whether they specialize in your industry. Ask how long has their office been in business and whether they are a part of a large network of financial advisor recruiters. If you decide to work with this third party recruiter, let him/her know if you can be contacted at work or if you prefer receiving calls on your cell phone. Finding out about the process in the beginning will help to prevent any miscommunication or misunderstandings going forward.