Influencers are now considered to be a significant online marketing tool for many businesses which have an international target audience. In exchange for a free experience or accommodation, influencers provide marketing for the service or location on their social media to their large followings.

However, there’s more to being an influencer than just accepting free items and uploading the odd picture. They have to work hard to get those items, keep their follower’s interest with a lot of creativity and try to be as original as possible.

But the question many people raise with social media influencers is how did they afford to start travelling before their mass followings?

Automatic saving

Many people struggle with setting money aside for savings and making a habit to develop a useful sum. But if you’re one of those individuals who does struggle to make saving a habit, most banks or building societies will help set up automatic savings.

This will involve an automatic transfer of funds on a specific date to a savings account meaning that you could consistently save a percentage of your salary without having to make a conscious effort. This means you don’t forget to make a deposit. The money will go automatically to your travel fund and you can continue your daily activities while your travel money grows.

Financial planning is vital

Financial planning revolves around the idea of making a strict budget that includes all your financial outgoings and income. It’s considered the most basic saving-habit that any can benefit from performing because it provides greater control over your finances and helps you identify areas where you can reduce expenses.

The difficulty in financial planning is the saving-enjoyment balance whereby if you’re maintaining this budget whilst travelling you’ll want to be cost-effective without impacting your enjoyment.

Sell items

Social media influencer Erick Prince wasn’t in favour of savings tactics and instead decided to seek more money than being careful with his existing finances. Erick had an approach that if he was travelling, why would he need so many items and decided to sell any unwanted objects.

When considering whether to sell an item, think how long it has been since you used the item and does it provide any form of education or entertainment.

Reward points

Many credit card providers offer reward points in exchange for large purchases being made via their credit card. Luckily, it’s common for the credit card companies to offer reward points that can be exchanged for flight tickets. Berna Anat found this opportunity to be perfect to fund several flights during her travels when her finances might be tight.

Furthermore, she was determined to avoid getting into debt and damaging her chances of travelling so become creative in how to spend large amounts on the credit card whilst always knowing she would have the ability to instantly clear the debt.

Initially by using her credit card for all her work expenses meant that she was always going to be reimbursed through the company and therefore was receiving the reward points.

Creatively Berna started asking all her friends and family who were making large purchases to use her credit card and then give her the money back to pay off the debt whilst gaining the reward points.

Collect owed debts

If you’re looking to tighten your finances to fund a travelling trip, you’ve got to learn to act like a bank. If you’re owed money from friends and family, then this can add up in your travel fund. If they are unable to clear the debt dependent on their age, get them to check whether they’re owed money like PPI. It’s even better if they weren’t expecting a return as they will be more willing to clear their debts.

Odd jobs

Travelling is expensive and grabbing every opportunity to earn some extra money will become more valuable to tighter the finances. Experienced influencer Oneika Raymond found the best policy was to seek extra odd jobs to supplement your income. During her travels, she’s taken any job possible from babysitting for French families to key-cutting.

Learn and sell

Using each new location as an opportunity to learn a new skill is a fantastic experience. Traveller Kach Howe discovered that she could develop a new skill from various parts of the world and re-use the skill to be sold elsewhere in the world. She started by teaching English in Vietnam and whilst there learning to become a yoga instructor.

Once qualified, she noticed she could sell Yoga classes in Peru whilst learning another new skill that’s renown to the location.

Travelling around the world can be a life-changing experience, but it requires sacrifice and an open mind and above all, a willingness to adapt to adverse conditions. Every country you visit is an opportunity that you must seize.