The brain, the most important organ in the human body is the one least thought about. Even though we are unable to perform any of our routine activities, we are less likely to pay attention to our health.

Everyone around thinks of the ways they can improve their health but the organ that thinks is always the least thought about. Our brain, being the central control system of the body, is mainly responsible for all body function.

Why is brain health important?

Over time, our brain function got affected by ageing and results in many common brain health problems. However, other than ageing many of our lifestyle habits are causing irreparable damage to our brain.

We have seen people ageing and losing their brain function. Once I accompanied my friend during his visit to a renowned neurologist in Rawalpindi for his father checkup. The neurologist told us about the daily lifestyle habits that could be damaging our brain and I was amazed knowing this. 

What is some brain hurting habits? 

Read below to find more about those brain-damaging habits that could lead to brain health problems in the future. 

1- Too much sugar

Consumption of too much sugar is bad for our brain health. You must be thinking of how sugar consumption affects our brain function. Let me make it simple for you. Eating too much function can hinder the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. This improper absorption leads to malnourishment of brain tissues resulting in compromised brain function.  

2- Not staying hydrated

Talking about the composition of the brain, we know that most of our brain, nearly 80% is composed of water. Other than our body parts, our brain needs water to perform many of its functions.

3- Skipping your breakfast

According to the neurologist we visited at Foji foundation hospital in Rawalpindi for my friend’s father’s treatment, skipping your breakfast is the most important yet overlooked cause of poor brain health. When you wake up in the morning, your body is deprived of the nutrients after 6-8 hour’s long sleep and skipping breakfast can make the condition worse. Skipping breakfast for years can do irreversible brain damage and adversely affect its functioning. 

4- Overeating

One of the obvious consequences of eating too much is undirected weight gain increasing the risk of many chronic illnesses. But do you know that eating too much could lead to irreversible damage to our brain? Too much food can harden the brain arteries, compromise the cognitive ability of the brain and even result in memory loss in future.

5- Covering your head while sleeping

Many people find it comfortable to sleep with a covered head but this could be damaging our brain head in the long run. Tying your head can reduce the consumption of oxygen and increase carbon dioxide intake. Not getting enough oxygen could be damaging our brain.  

6- Sleep deprivation

Our bodies are programmed to work efficiently throughout the day and need 6-8 hours’ sleep. Not having enough sleep could be damaging your brain and can result in brain health issues. Lack of sleep results in poor brain function, memory loss and depression because our brain isn’t able to get rid of toxins and recover the lost brain cells.

7- Overstimulation of the brain

Your brain needs stimulation to work efficiently but do you know that too much stimulation results in poor brain functioning. No matter if you are multitasking or working hard during the times your brain needs rest, you are putting yourself at the risk of mental health troubles. Thus, to keep your brain more efficient make sure you are not overstimulating it.

8- Loud music could hurt your brain

When it comes to brain-damaging habits, the list is incomplete without taking in your loud music. Listening to loud music can damage your hearing abilities as well as could lead to brain damage in future. Loud music puts excess pressure on your brain and your brain has to make an effort to understand what is being said leading to poor brain function.

Bottom Line!

Your brain is the most important organ of your body. Other than brain damage due to injury or ageing, our lifestyle habits play a key role in damaging our brain. Thus, to keep your brain healthy it is important to avoid all the brain-damaging habits and ensure good brain health.


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  2. First, I appreciate your blog; I have read your
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    I hope people like this blog too. Hope you gain more
    experience with your knowledge; That is why people get more

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