Corporate law is a tricky subject to say the least and one that no business owner or manager is expected to know the full ins and outs of. Nevertheless, there comes a time in the lives of most businesses where at least a little remedial advice may be needed for a variety of important issues. From employee grievances to simple taxation guidance and right through to mergers and buyouts, there are hundreds of reasons why a quality corporate law firm may be called in for essential help and advice.

When such a need arises, the key question is of course that of how to ensure you take on the very best employment lawyer for your specific needs and business. According to the experts at Hudson McKenzie, it’s pretty rare to come across a law firm that’s not wholly above board these day – genuinely outstanding brands are however a rare breed. That’s why in order to narrow down the field and ensure that the choice you make is the right one, it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for several key cornerstones by which a truly outstanding corporate law firm can be identified.

The Cornerstones Of An Outstanding Corporate Law Firm

Free Consultations

For example, you should never under any circumstances at all be expected to pay a fee for the initial consultation. The reason being that you don’t even know at this stage if you have a case or if it’s a case the firm you’re speaking to will be willing to take. As such, to pay for an initial session could amount to a waste of money if they turn it down. Initial consultations where the subject is outlined and discussed should always be 100% free of charge and offered with no strings attached – period.

Straightforward Fee Structures Without Hidden Costs

It’s generally rare to hear of any good law firm seeking to deliberately mislead its clients with regard to fees and charges. But at the same time, the appeal of competitive pricing is such that many law firms advertise rates that are in fact nothing close to the full rate payable for their services. This is why another key cornerstone of a quality legal company is one that makes its fee structure as clear and simple as possible, complete with the promise of no hidden fees or added charges.

Fully Tailored Solutions

While many lawyers and law groups have certain standard methods and approaches when it comes to common corporate matters, those at the very top of the industry insist on producing bespoke packages and solutions from the ground up. This latter approach is in every instance a vastly superior approach for the benefit of the client as it’s only by tailoring everything from beginning to end that genuinely personal service can be provided and the chances of a successful outcome maximised.

Direct Contact With the Case’s Lead Lawyer

There’s nothing worse than being at a rather pivotal point in any case only to find that it’s nigh-on impossible to get hold of your legal representative directly. From answerphones to leaving messages with receptionists and so on, unless you are able to speak to the lawyer directly you’re technically in a position that puts you at a disadvantage.

Jargon Free Service and Advice

The kind of employment lawyer that’s in the habit of confusing clients with all manner of jargon and complex legal terms is also the kind of lawyer that’s generally difficult to deal with. It’s not as if any lawyer can or should expect their clients to understand even a word of corporate law, which is why it pays to side with those that offer the outright promise of clear, simple and jargon-free terms across the board.

On-going Progress Reports

Some lawyers are more in the habit of leaving their clients in the dark for extended periods of time than keeping them up to speed with the latest developments. Some argue that it doesn’t really matter just as long as the outcome is favourable, but a good lawyer will always insist on providing on-going progress reports both on-demand and without being prompted from beginning to end. It’s your case, so it simply makes sense that you be kept in the loop as to how it’s going.

Prompt Service and Paperwork Turnaround

Last but not least, it’s a good idea to look for promises or fast turnaround times and prompt service in general. After all, it’s one thing for a lawyer to work hard on behalf of your company, but it’s another for them to invest as much of their time and effort as necessary to speed up the process and reach the fastest possible resolution.