Internet purchases and eCommerce have made purchasing easier for users while also appearing to be a blessing for companies. Businesses may now distribute to more clients and expand their reach beyond local and regional borders thanks to eCommerce. 

Businesses are looking for the best platform to build websites because you need to have an online presence and that’s where WordPress comes in. WordPress is one of the most popular and user-friendly website-building tools for anyone who wants to establish an online presence.

When it comes to customers, eCommerce allows them to browse for the things they desire from the comfort of their own homes. However, because they have so many options, it might be difficult for them to choose the right brand. 

They get the information and expertise they need about a product or a brand through review platforms. On the one hand, Google Reviews is the most trusted review platform, with 59 percent of buyers reading reviews before making a purchase, according to research. On the other side, Facebook reviews are quite popular. This is due to the fact that Facebook has gained popularity due to becoming the highest used social media platform in the world. As a result, brands have begun to use them on their websites.

If you’re undecided about what to use for your WordPress site, this blog may be of assistance. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits of Google and Facebook reviews for your website, as well as which ones have the upper hand. Additionally, we will also be telling you about the best tool and plugin for the embedding process. 

Facebook Review Widget On WordPress 

Google reviews are the most reputable review platform, but on the other hand, Facebook reviews are supported by the most popular social media site – Facebook. The following are the advantages of embedding the Facebook reviews widget on WordPress website.

1. Brings life to the website 

Facebook users frequently write reviews and submit photos or other visual information. By including them on the website, it becomes more lively and appealing to the eye.

2. Creates trust 

As more people leave reviews, the trustworthiness of the business increases, making it easier to stand out from the competition.

3. Promotes the Facebook page  

Brands must have a strong social media presence; the Facebook feed on the website provides a sneak peek into your Facebook presence, and people may follow your page, increasing the odds of creating a strong Facebook presence.

Google Review Widget On WordPress 

As mentioned earlier, Google Reviews is the most trusted review site. People around the world check Google reviews before making a purchase. The following are the amazing benefits of embedding the Google reviews widget on WordPress website.

1. Increases the website’s engagement 

It goes without saying that Google reviews have the ability to keep readers and consumers interested for a long time. When you add these Google evaluations to your website, people are more likely to read them before making a decision.

2. Adds to the website’s appeal 

People are quite creative when writing evaluations; they give excellent insight and illustrate the user’s opinion on a product. This gives the website personality and distinguishes it from the competition.

3. Builds a community  

When individuals read other customers’ evaluations on a brand’s website, it motivates them to post their own reviews and bask in the spotlight. This helps to establish a User-generated content community and, eventually, more reviews.

4. Increases the conversion rate

A large number of more than 85% of people leverage Google reviews before making a final purchase. This statistic clearly shows the significance of Google reviews. The more users purchase, the higher the conversion rate. 

Tagembed – The Ideal Platform To Aggregate Reviews 

Now that you are aware of the benefits of both the platforms individually, we will be telling you about one tool that can help you easily collect, curate, and embed Google reviews as well as Facebook reviews on your website. 

Tagembed is a superb social media aggregation platform that allows you to aggregate and embed reviews from platforms like Google and Facebook effortlessly. The users can increase the impact of their review widget by leveraging the features offered by the platform. 

Tagembed provides a wide array of customization options like templates, backgrounds, themes, colors, etc., to make the widget more appealing. The tool also offers a content moderation panel that can be used to eliminate any unnecessary or irrelevant content from the widget. There are often people who like tarnishing the image of a brand and using a content moderation panel can help brands manage their content. 

Other highlights of the tool are its super prompt back support team, advanced analytics, automatic content updates, etc. 

Moreover, Tagembed also offers the Tagembed WordPress Plugin that is designed exclusively for WordPress and offers the same functionalities. 

Key Takeaways 

Be it Google reviews or Facebook reviews, your brand customers hold the power to make or break your business. Hence, it is crucial to leverage their positive customer reviews to the best of your ability. 

And no better way to use them other than showcasing them on your WordPress website. We have reached the conclusion of this post and you are ready to embed Google review widget and a Facebook review widget on your website. 

Now that you are well acquainted with the best review aggregator, go on now, begin with this strategy and you will surely notice tremendous results.