So you just bought this awesome motor home that you are going to use to make weekend camping trips and that occasional week long vacation…now what? Well, chances are that you are going to want to personalize it and add some modifications that make it better. There are many different ways you can do this, some being cheap, while others might cost a little bit more. Check out some inexpensive ways to improve your motor home, as well as some more costly ones below!

Great Ways To Modify Your Motor Home

Cheap & Easy ways to Modify your Motor Home

Some of the easiest and cheapest ways to improve your motor home include getting a spare tire cover or decals of your favorite team or a funny phrase, party lights and stereo system that will make your place ready to have a good time. All of these are fairly cheap to purchase and to install, and can make an immediate impact on how your motor home looks and sounds.

The spare tire cover is something you should purchase anyway, as it will help protect the spare tire and keep it from wearing in the case you need to use it down the road. Party lights and a great stereo system will help you stand out over others, which may make your motor home party central for the weekend.

Slightly more Expensive Modifications

If you want to invest in some more expensive modifications, then you have some great options to choose from. Many people, who travel frequently in their motor home, choose to get a satellite so they can watch the game or their favorite shows while away from home. This is a good option, especially if you want to watch your favorite team with other people camping who may share the same interest.

Custom made awnings with screen rooms are also an option to modify your motor home. Bugs can be a big problem when camping, and you don’t want them to get near your food. This is where having a screen room comes in handy. They protect any food or items that you don’t want bugs to get near, and with the awning out, it can be a great area to take a break from the sun. They are also a great place to sit outside during a light rain.

Backup cameras may be a little more expensive, but they can also save you from having to make repairs if you back into something. These are great tools, especially for new owners who might still be getting comfortable backing up with a 30+ foot trailer attached to their truck. Having a backup camera could also be a serious injury preventer because you never know when someone might be behind your motor home not paying attention.

Luxury Modifications

Some of the luxury modifications for a motorhome can cost quite a bit, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it. For example, installing solar panels on your motorhome can help make it greener and more environmentally friendly. These types of vehicles require a large amount of gas, so this would be a great opportunity to offset some of that energy.

Another great tool you can purchase for your motorhome is a backup generator. These can come in handy when a big storm moves in and your power gets knocked out. With a generator you can restore power to your motorhome so your food doesn’t spoil, your lights stay on and your necessary appliances still function. Additionally, a generator can help power outside entertainment such as big speakers and TV’s for when you throw a party.

Lastly, great modifications to have, especially as you get older, are glide awnings. These help protect your pop-outs from collecting debris like twigs, acorns etc. These aren’t a necessity, but if you want to ensure that your motorhome is in the best condition possible, it might be a good idea to invest. Having these glide awnings will help make sure nothing is getting caught where the pop-out slides in and out.

While it’s unrealistic to implement all of these modifications at once, making a few here and there can really help make your motorhome feel cozy and like a second home away from home. That’s what it’s supposed to feel like anyway, right?

Sammy Jo is a writer for Quality RV, a premium motorhome and RV dealer in Missouri. Sammy loves to travel and to write about travelling tips for motorhome enthusiasts. 

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  1. I suppose the fun isn’t over when you actually buy your new motorhome. There are hundreds of ways to give your motorhome a bit of an upgrade to improve the performance and functionality.

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