Failure is a part of our lives. Some students may fail in exams while graduating, or many young generations fail to attempt job interviews for a successful position. But it is not the end. Keep trying is the best motivation for everyone, especially the new generation who are more emotional.

Not clearing up the interview or test is not a big deal; every interview will give you an experience that helps other organizations or sessions. Rectify the mistakes that you have done and make sure not to repeat them again.

Ego is something really common in students today. They feel like once they are failed, they cannot reach the goal. And this is the reason they do not give it another try. But if you really want to work hard for career growth, it is important to cope up with the failure and give a fresh start. We understand that there are multiple feelings that occur when you failed like:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Being helpless
  • Feeling hopeless
  • Negative thoughts
  • Lack of self-esteem and confidence
  • Comparison with others’ success, and many more.

It’s time to think about when you got failed and what lacking are you having. Here are some best tips that will help in coping up with failure. Keep some great ways in the mind to feel relaxed and calm.

Control Your Emotions

Failure comes up with a lot of emotions like anger, sadness, anxiety, embarrassment, shame and many more. These feelings make you feel uncomfortable around everyone. These are natural feeling that comes out, which doesn’t mean you have to hide it.

Tips To Cope-Up With The Failure Being A Student: Give A Fresh Start

At first, you can burst it out and then find out the solution that why this is happening and what things I have to nourish. Learn from the experiences and stay motivated while going to another job interview.

Practice Healthy Coping skills

You might be aware of some healthy practices such as playing with a pet, going out for a walk, taking deep breaths, calling your close friend or taking a bubble bath. Not all these work for everyone; you have to find which one suits you well when you are depressed. Also, keep in mind not to start a bad habit like smoking or eating junk food that disturbs your health.

Develop Realistic Thoughts

Thoughts play a vital role when you got fail in any stage of life. You have to take time to think about why you are feeling hopeless and how to stay motivated to try again. So, let’s reframe your thoughts and develop realistic thoughts about the failure such as:

Tips To Cope-Up With The Failure Being A Student: Give A Fresh Start

  • Failure helps me to challenge myself to do better in the future
  • I can easily accept failure and work on it
  • I will, and I can learn from failure

Do not let the negative thoughts ruin your positivity. Stay quiet but have a motivated spirit.

Create A Plan For Moving Forward

Once you have identified your mistakes, you can now create a plan for moving forward. Don’t repeat the thinking that you are a failure. It would help if you moved on and didn’t repeat the same mistakes. With your new learning and experiences, you can make plans that can work and give you benefits.

Recognize Unhealthy Attempt To Reduce Pain

Many of you might say that I don’t want this job, but at the same time, you will be feeling sad and depressed. Distracting yourself by having drugs and alcohol is really harmful. These things will heal you temporarily. Avoid such activities that are not good for your mental and physical health.

Face Your Fears Of Failure

Are you avoiding your failures? Then it is quite scary. Facing your fears can be the key to reducing the discomforts. Stepping out of your comfort zone is really important. Whether you get rejected or fail, keep trying things that are not comfortable for you to do. It will help in boosting your confidence and give you the best motivation.

Steps To Take When Starting Over After Failure

There are some great steps that you can take when starting over after failure. The only thing you need to keep in mind is staying calm and motivated all the time.

Tips To Cope-Up With The Failure Being A Student: Give A Fresh Start

Be Responsible For What Has Been Done

First of all, accept the responsibility for your failure as we all know that ego is our first enemy and coping up with the ego is something really important. You are human, and every human makes mistakes. Have the guts to accept that mistake and work on it.

Analyze Your Failure

Next, find out the reason for not getting success. It is difficult to find your own mistake. But once you recognize it, you will learn a lot of things about it. Failure teaches you what work doesn’t.

Get Some Motivation

You might get success in the past, and you know how to celebrate your success. But if this time you got failed, that doesn’t mean you are useless. Make your success your motivation, and make your failure become a lesson for you.

Learn From The Past

Tips To Cope-Up With The Failure Being A Student: Give A Fresh Start

Your failure is not your identity. If you have made a mistake, that doesn’t mean you have to wear the F label. If you fail this time, then you will be successful in the future. Keep the hope alive. Come up with new strategies that helped you in being successful.

Keep Moving Ahead

The most important thing is that; do not lose your enthusiasm. Success is moving from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. If you are facing loss again and again, then you have to change your route. It will be helpful for you to see the problem how to overcome such issues. Your motive should be keeping trying.

Think About The Experience You Got From The Failure

Change your negative thoughts about failing. It is just a practice that helps you in building your career. Whether you fail or succeed, the best thing is every step is an experience. Once you feel like it’s a motivation, then you will definitely learn how it is good for your career growth.

Be Hopeful For The Future

Always keep your eyes on your future. Do not forget the past; take your past experiences with you to avoid your past’s mistakes. Your past is past; you cannot change it, but stop worrying about the past as it will only disappoint you. Focus on your career growth. Come up with new ideas and strategies that are new and beneficial for the business.

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“A fresh start should be a really fresh one, keeping all the happenings in the past. Be positive and be hopeful about the future. Hope is the only thing that can keep you motivated in all the situations.”


Have you ever get failed? Don’t worry, it is normal. Everyone has different skills and experiences. If you cannot succeed, whatever the reason is, you can try some other abilities on which you are an expert. Tips that are discussed above are helpful for you to cope up with the failure. The purpose of failure is not to demotivate you but to provide you with life experience. Take advantage of such benefits that are helpful for your career growth and success.