abs-hand-close[1]Locksmiths must be able to solve any security issue and get in where nobody else can. With the help of special tools these lock and key experts get their job done in a hassle free manner.

An Auto Locksmith Dublin is generally equipped with the latest technology to open locked and jammed vehicle doors. These tools are different from those used by general technicians. This is because these tools are specially designed to fit the components of thousands of vehicles without causing any damage. Read on to know more about automotive locksmithing tools.

Pump Wedge

This is first put in between the weather stripping on the vehicle door frame and the door itself and then it is inflated to separate the door from the frame. This makes way to an opening for any extra device or tool to be inserted in the space in order to open the door in case of a lockout. Made with heavy vinyl, pump wedges are safe to use as it does not damage the vehicle’s paint or other parts while operating the door.

Bump Keys and Hammers

Technicians are using these for over 50 years now to unlock vehicle doors. This tool is essential to the procedure commonly known as bumping/rapping. One of its characteristic features is that each cut on the key is made to the maximum depth and can be used with dimple locks and pin tumblers. They can also be used to open locks on steering wheels/ gearshifts. The hammers are generally used for the bump key into the lock. Using the keys need much patience and skill. It is considered as one of the best ways of opening locks.

Auto Jigglers or try-out keys

Automotive jiggler keys are most definitely one equipment any auto dealer or pro should have in her/his automotive opening tool box. They are also known by the name try-out keys and can be used on almost any types of vehicle. These are available in different sizes and shapes. However, these are not master keys. It also does not match keys for a particular model of vehicle. These special keys have cuts that simulate the shape of manufactured vehicle keys. Automotive lock and key experts generally carry a set of these auto jigglers where ever they go to unlocked cars, trucks and other vehicles regardless of the model. A certified technician will know how to correctly position the key and how much jiggling is needed to unlock a vehicle door quickly.

Slim Jims

This lockout tool is a must-have in any automotive locksmith’s tool box. Slim jims have a good length and comprises of thin spring steel pieces. This is generally inserted into the space that exists between the window of the vehicle and door to fix the internal lock mechanism by manipulating it properly. It allows technicians to open vehicle door locks without lock picks or the key of the vehicle. Car lock and key experts usually carry this of various lengths and thicknesses in order to access to a variety of vehicles. However, a standard slim jim is roughly 25 inches long, 1.25 inches wide and 0.32 inch thick.

Becoming a car locksmith is a profession that is rather a specialized area. However, it is not a rocket science to get into this trade. If you are hard working and are passionate about mechanical tools, you will find yourself drawn towards locks and security mechanisms.

To get started, all you have to do is enroll in a locksmith certification program, with a specialization on car locks. Formal education or experience for car locksmiths brightens up employment and earning potential.

Author’s Bio: Alice Aires owns lock and key business and has been a professional writer since 2010. She is active on all of the major social networks and mostly writes on home security and locksmiths dublin.