As you know, MBA stands for master’s of business administration, but what exactly is business administration? It turns out that people in a wide spectrum of fields and with diverse goals can benefit from an MBA; business administration is what you want it to be, whether you want to excel and lead in marketing, entrepreneurship, finance, communications, nonprofit leadership, politics, or something else. Here is a look at who benefits from getting an MBA.

Who Benefits from Getting An MBA?

People Who Want to Sharpen Leadership Skills

Any type of field needs good leaders. An MBA helps you identify and sharpen an effective leadership style, and it guides you in learning to delegate and to innovate. Whether your ultimate aim is to be a marketing guru, motivational speaker, or wealthy entrepreneur, leadership is a must, and you would do well to find out more about career options as an mba graduate.

People Who Need to Sell Themselves

You must market yourself in order to function as a successful leader. Fortunately, marketing is a big part of MBA programs, and you will learn to apply many lessons to yourself. Of course, you will discover the ins and outs of marketing lessons for mba graduates, from incubating content to building communities to tech innovations (and much more!). Just as valuable, however, you gain a deeper understanding of how to present yourself, of how to be assertive, of how to be inspirational. The positives are endless.

People Who Value Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are often soft skills such as reading, writing, research, communication, and creativity. They are one reason that practically anyone can benefit from an MBA; a tiny nonprofit needs innovation and critical thinking just as much as a profits-driven corporation does. The education you receive in an MBA program will serve you well in any position. Another bonus of having a proven record of transferable skills: You are much more employable. You are also in a great position to start a business, thanks to your skill set and your expanded network of contacts.

People Who Need Flexibility

One great thing about MBA programs is that they are incredibly flexible. If you are working full time or part time, you can enroll in an online program and not lose a step. You are able to study wherever you want and anytime you want; there is no need to relocate yourself and your family across the country if you would rather not.

Public and private schools, as well as for-profit institutions, offer the degrees, and specializations are wide-ranging. Health care, social innovation, and environmental management are just a few of the fields that may match you. Odds are high that you can find a school and a program that feel tailor-made to your needs and life situation.

People Who Want to Get Ahead

Last in this article but certainly not least are people who want to get ahead in the business world by, say, opening their own company or positioning themselves for lucrative promotional opportunities. Having an MBA says that you are intelligent, curious, creative, analytical, and innovative. It looks—and is—impressive on paper and in practice.

Chances are that you would benefit from getting an MBA. The programs offer flexibility, transferable skills, marketing skills, leadership skills, and so much more. Even doctors get MBAs!