Teddy bears are one of the most popular children’s toys and now you can make a bear of your very own for your kids to play with.

Step 1: Order your Bear & Accessories

When you make a bear, the first step is to choose your animal skin. Whether you want the traditional teddy bear or something a bit different such as farmyard or safari animals, there are usually hundreds to choose from.  There might even be a range of sizes to choose from so that there are teddy bears to suit all budgets.

Your bear wouldn’t be complete with some accessories, whether you choose outfits, shoes, pyjamas or even backpacks and glasses. You can make a bear look really special in a formal outfit or just choose some casual gear for everyday wear.

Sit back, relax and wait for your teddy bear to arrive.

How To Make A Bear For Children

Step 2: Start Stuffing the Bear

When your teddy bear lands on your doorstep, it’s time to make a bear! You can choose to either build the bear yourself and surprise your children or allow them to join in the fun. Start by filling the arms and legs of the animal skin with the stuffing, but don’t fill it until you have included your voice box and wish star.

Step 3: Record a Message

Surprise your kids with their new present and make a bear with a special personal message. Order a recordable voice box and then record your own message. From singing happy birthday to saying your child’s name, you can make the new teddy say anything you like. Place your teddy’s voice box inside the skin before finishing off the stuffing and closing the zipper.

Step 4: Get Dressed!

Now is the time to get creative with the outfits and accessories you chose when ordering your teddy bear. Perhaps you want your child’s new furry friend to be wearing their favourite football kit or just some jeans and a cool t-shirt or maybe even dressed as a superhero. You might also have a selection of accessories to choose from to really finish off your bear.

Step 5: Naming Ceremony

You could just select a name for the new teddy, but parents might want to wait to name the bear until you have surprised the kids with it. Holding a naming ceremony is a reall