With September over half-way over, it is time to think about winter. The best time to prepare for winter is when the weather is still somewhat warm. You don’t want to have to think about covering your pipes in the midst of a snowstorm!

Winter Is Coming: Out Of The Box Ideas To Get Ready For Winter At Home
Nice living room at winter – Shutterstock

Most people already know how to prepare for winter in the standard ways, such as checking insulation and covering pipes, but there are some aspects of preparing for winter that you may not have thought about. Take a look at these out of the box ideas to help you get ready for winter at home:

Seal Your Home

Leaks can cause up to 60 percent of the heat created by your heating system to escape right out of your house. Leaks can occur in a variety of places, but mainly stick to doors and windows. You can improve the efficiency of your heating system and lower your heating bills by hiring a professional to seal the leaks in your home. Don’t neglect the attic- over half of your heating energy escapes into there.

Service Your Appliances

Each fall, it is a good idea to have your major appliances serviced. Basically, this is a general tune-up that will hopefully prevent the need to make any major repairs during the winter. A service person will clean your unit, replace any worn parts, seal any leaks, and deal with other troubled areas. The cost of yearly maintenance is much less than that of emergency repair mid-winter.

Change Fabrics

You can prepare for winter by making your home a cozy place as well as protecting it from the chill of winter. One of the easiest ways to do this is by creating a feeling of warmth in the home with fabric. Switch out your summer weight blankets and sheets with flannel and down comforters. Buy mattress covers that will add warmth to your bed at night. Switch out airy curtains for heavyweight drapes that will add insulation to your windows and prevent heat from escaping. Stock your couches and chairs with fluffy blankets to stop the winter chill.

Add Winter Flair

Adding some winter flair to your home decorations is a fun way to celebrate the season. Most home decorating stores sell winter-themed decorations. You can also find supplies in your own yard. Pinecones, holly branches and berries, cranberries, and vanilla-scented candles can add a wintery tone to your home. Stock up your home with the comforts of winter, including hot chocolate, hot teas, and winter nuts to crack open and eat by a fire. If you have a fireplace, stock it with plenty of wood and kindling for the season.

These tips can help you prepare your home for the coming winter season. You will enjoy the winter more, and your home will be prepared to face any kind of weather this winter- whether good or bad. Who knows, winter may even become your favorite season that you look forward to for the rest of the year.