When a company wants to embark on a print advertising campaign, they might need business printing solutions in order to best manage that printing campaign and get the most for what they pay. The fact is, if it costs more to send out brochures or flyers than it earns in new clients, then the advertising campaign will be a failure. Luckily there are many business solutions for companies choosing to embark on a print advertising campaign.


Many companies choose to do their own printing in-house. The problem they run into with this is that they will go through a lot of supplies, and often they will spend even more without thinking about it. In addition, most people who try to do their own printing are not graphic artists themselves. As a result their advertising materials might come across as amateurish.

Printing For Business Advertising

Full Online Services

There are many online services that will allow a company to print out the items they need and have them mailed to them. These services provide a wide range of advertising materials like brochures, flyers, banners and more. However, with these services, it is often difficult to get a customized look. Most of these companies offer specific templates that can not be customized for a specific company. However, many online services are very low cost and can deliver quite quickly.

Online Print Only Services

These services are a hybrid between online printing and do-it-yourself programs. In these services, the user can set up their own printing job based on a template that they created. This allows them to fully customize their advertising materials. Then, they can get that template professionally printed and mailed to them, so they can get a high quality job at a lower cost. This is often the ideal solution for companies that want to save money, but at the same time, want a professional looking job.

A Graphic Design Firm

This is the most high-cost option for business owners looking to embark on an advertising campaign. Unfortunately, the cost of hiring a professional firm to print advertising materials often outweighs the benefits. Depending on volume, a job can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. If the company gets very little business because of this job, then the advertising was wasted.

When a company is looking to advertise their business through the use of print material, they must take into account the cost. Most advertising campaigns are designed to get around a 3 – 5% response rate. This means that for ever 100 customers contacted through a print advertising campaign, only 3 to 5 will answer. In this case, it is important to find the ideal business printing solutions in order to ensure that the company makes a profit off the money they spent for advertising. An easy way to determine this is to take in the value of 3 new clients, and then ensure that the business printing budget does not exceed 80% of that. That way, the business owner can guarantee that their print marketing campaign will be a success.