There are so many ways to get into great shape and more importantly keep the body that you work so hard for. Exercise bikes are a great and easy way to get the figure you are looking for and you can use them from the comfort of your own home. However, there are a few things to look for when shopping for an exercise bike. Having a good seat, handlebars, flywheels, chain or belts will help you get a comfortable ride and get the body that you want.

How To Select The Best Exercise Bike?
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Finding a Good Seat

One of the most important features of any bike is the seat. If you are going to spend hours on the bike it is important that you can do so in comfort. There are a few things to look for when checking out exercise bike seats, first of all is if the seat is adjustable. It is better to have an adjustable seat so that you can get the right position that is comfortable for you. If you found other qualities in the bike that you might like but the seat is wrong, you can find bikes with removable seats that are compatible with the bike. Seats are one of the things that make bikes different and it is all a matter of opinion and body shape. Some people will believe that a seat is comfortable while some will think the same seat is extremely uncomfortable.


As well as checking out the seats of the stationary bikes, handlebars are another thing that should be adjustable to your unique style. You should check that your exercise bike to see if the handlebars can not only go up and down but front and back to ensure that you get a great fit from your bike. Everybody has a different body shape, so having this feature allows making your ride as comfortable as possible. Most modern bikes tend to have adjustable handlebars.

Flywheels and Chains

Another important feature of exercise bikes is the flywheel; one thing that to look for in the flywheel is the weight. 40 pounds is the recommended weight of a quality flywheel which will give the bike stability and allows the bike to run smoother for longer periods of time. A lighter will make your ride feel jerky and give a similar feel to riding in a much lower gear than you should be. A heavier wheel feels more similar to riding in the perfect gear.

On exercise bikes, the pedals are attached to the flywheel by either a chain or belt. Bikes with belts tend to be a better choice because they are quieter, more durable, and require less maintenance than bikes with chains. One of the reasons, consumers go with chains is that chains give a feel similar to riding an outdoor bike.

Less Important Options

Comfort is the most important thing when shopping for exercise bikes; however, there are several other items to also look for when you are shopping for the right bike. Mats for underneath your bike are always a good option especially if your bike is going to be used on carpet. Mats will protect your carpet from sweat, grease, and any dust that gets worked up when the bike is in use.

Computer boards are becoming a more important feature on stationary bikes and can track quite a few different things including heart rate, miles travelled, and calories burned. This can be very interesting to know, but is not a necessity when shopping for stationary bikes. Computer boards are another thing that tends to separate different models. The more expensive bikes on the market tend to have more elaborate computer monitors that can do many different things.

Biking is a continued growing trend and stationary bikes allow you to get into shape at your own home. Not all bikes are created equal and doing some research before you go shopping will prevent you from buying something that is not right for you. Having good seats, handlebars, flywheels, and chains or belts will help you get in shape and keep you comfortable.