There are many animals and birds that are being extinct from day to day, year to year, decade to decade and centuries to centuries. Dinosaurs, Columbian Mammoth, Cave Lion, Giant Tapir, Woolly Rhinoceros, birds such as Elephant Bird, Amsterdam Duck, Laughing Owl are some of the animals and birds that have become extinct from the past centuries. To protect them from being extinct one need to provide the wild life sanctuaries and enough amount of food, water and shelter, regular checkup whether they are able to survive in that particular climate or not are some of the issues that are to be taken serious in the matter of wild life animals and birds from becoming extinct.

Here are some species of birds that are going to become extinct in the coming decades or years.

The Birds Which Are Becoming Extinct

Egyptian Vulture

The Egyptian Vulture which is widely known as the White Scavenger Vulture or the Pharaoh’s Chicken. This is a old world vulture and the only member that is still alive of the genus Neophron family. It is a widely distributed in all parts of the worlds and mostly seen in the parts of the globe like Europe and Northern Africa to India. These vultures mostly depend upon the small mammals, birds and reptiles but are opportunistic. They will even depend upon the eggs of other birds. These vultures migrate to the southern region during winter. The population of this bird came down during the twentieth century.

The Birds Which Are Becoming Extinct

Wood Snipe

Wood Snipe is a bird which belongs to the snipe species and are mostly found in the Himalayas of Northern India, Nepal, Bhutan and Southern China. These birds are a regular visitor to the north Vietnam. It always roam from central and southern India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar, north Thailand and Laos.

The Birds Which Are Becoming Extinct

Indian Bustard

This bird is found in the regions of India and adjoining regions of Pakistan. This is a type of bird in which it has a large horizontal body, and appears like Ostrich legs. This bird is the heaviest bird of all the flying birds.

The Birds Which Are Becoming Extinct

Spoon Billed Sandpiper

This bird is a small wader and is mostly found in the regions of northeastern Russia and in Southeast Asia during winters.

The Birds Which Are Becoming Extinct

Pale Capped Pigeon

This bird is also known as the Purple Wood Pigeon is a family of large pigeon and is largely distributed in the regions of south and southeast Asia. It has a slow flight and spends most of the time sitting on the fruit trees. Its color is brown above and chestnut below with sheen of green. Male Pale Capped Pigeon has a whitish grey cap where as the females have a brownish grey cap and less shine and smooth on their wings.

The Birds Which Are Becoming Extinct

Forest Owlet

This is an Owl which is permitted to the forests of the central India. This Owl belongs to the typical owls family, Strigidae. It was thought to be extent in the year 1884 and later discovered in the year 1997, after 113 years by Pamela Rasmussen.

The Birds Which Are Becoming Extinct

Sociable Lapwing

This bird is a special bird in the family of lapwing birds. It is either called as the Sociable Lapwing or the Sociable Plover.

So, people make sure that, the way you take care of your pets is required to the birds also. They always roam in search for food and water. So, why not keep a bowl full of water next to your window during winter and little amount of grains for them. Try this out and you will feel better at some point of your heart.