Banana is an ever green fruit which is available in all the seasons and all over the world. This fruit is very cheap and tasty. It contains enough nutrients and vitamins to keep a person healthy. It is rich in fiber and potassium, which helps you to maintain constant blood pressure and makes the heart function properly. International Medicine of Archives have proved that, bananas contains a fiber which is used to digest food early than any other fruit. So, by eating banana, it will increase the immunity of the digestive system and will make motion free while peeing.

Eating Banana Keeps You Healthy

Roles played by a Banana in a Human Body:

There are many important roles played by the banana in a human body. Banana can be eaten by any patient or any person. It is not a restricted fruit to eat to any particular person. Eating banana has many advantages than that of disadvantages.

It will reduce the waste in the human body and helps the body to expel the waste from the body while peeing. It has the ability to make the heart function properly. To do any type of work, heart is the important organ in the body to function properly.

If the heart is not willing to do so, then you cannot concentrate on the work you do. Hence eating banana will make your heart function properly and even protects you from cholesterol. It was concluded in a survey on ten thousands of members over a period of many years.

Eating Banana will make people Enthusiastic:

Banana contains enough amount of tryptophan, which later converts into serotonin and gives humans a sign of enthusiasm feel. In turn, it makes you relief from stress and makes you keep the stress in control.

It will indeed make your body to control over weight symptoms with the help of white blood cells. Banana contains a vitamin called B6 which is useful in increasing the production of white blood cells.

A mineral, Iron which helps the blood from causing any deficiency, will make this mineral, Iron in maintaining at proper levels from declining. Having banana twice a day is very much good for health. Banana’s contains anti-acids which will reduce ulcer and any other type of pain.

Hence, prefer to eat banana, to make your heart function properly and maintain a healthy body.