We generally use helmets for protection such as protecting from dust while going on bike otherwise, if you met with an accident then helmets helps you a lot from getting hurt. Because, head is the major sensitive part in the body and cannot survive for long time if you are hurt in the head. Some may even go to coma if you are hurt in the head severely. For example if a person is a regular user of helmet and if that particular person does not the route for a particular destination then he/she needs to stop every now and then to ask some other person for help in search for the destination.

Helmets With Navigation System

So, keeping this in mind a Russian company namely, LiveMap is on its way to develop a helmet that shows and directs the route for any particular destination. This company is investing its capital to manufacture a helmet mounted with optical display and even the GPS based route information that can be controlled by speaking or giving voice commands alike iPhone’s “Siri.”

These type of helmets are usually used in military for navigation in which the other officers will be commanding the pilots in which direction they have to travel. Some people even use their mobile for tracking down the destination. Every now and then they need to stop the vehicle, look down for the direction whether they are traveling in the correct path or not which will indeed make your journey discomfort.

Helmets With Navigation System

LiveMap have developed a helmet optical system and an electronic processor and thought of manufacturing it with the English language because everyone speaks English and estimated price is to be $2000 per helmet. This helmet will have all the safety measures such as DOT. This helmet consists of a 3-Ah batteries which can be recharged if discharged, the display mounted above and behind the user’s head but with in a carbon-fiber shell. The navigation route is imposed on one’s particular visual field. The projected display is focused at infinity. So, the user need to change the focus to see the navigation data. To change the route map, the user need to speak through the microphone and the recognition level is at 95 percent.

As in airplanes the “head-up-display” is just a reflector sight that displays more data, making the data more essential for a pilot than that of breaking the concentration and wasting time in looking down and refocusing on the instrument panel. So, it is a simple process to convert the previous system to present computer generated visual information of any type.

Whereas the same “head-up-display” for the motorists is a helmet mounted display and is more convenient allowing the motorists to access the information at any angle. So, these helmets will help the motorists and the strangers of a particular city a lot, but the cost of the helmet is very high which will impact on the sales of the product.