Halloween is all about the decoration, but finding out new and exciting ideas gets harder and harder every year. An innovative and impressive decoration can spellbind all your trick and treaters as well as other guests, while it can also create a special atmosphere. Amateurish carved pumpkins and other installations low on originality can cause this thrilling feast to become dull though, so it is worth it to plan in time and to be as creative and original as possible.

This article will try to show you some decoration ideas that are easy to do even for those who don’t feel very comfortable in DIY, and which will definitely stun your environment with their uniqueness.

Get Ready For Halloween With These Unique Decoration Ideas
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Forget about being Straightforward

As many good movies and books have proven, scaring is not mainly about displaying the most terrifying things and creatures one can imagine. It is more about making people’s imagination work through implications. A hanged skeleton can be scary for example, but a coffin lid with nail marks is much simpler, while it tells a much more mysterious story, therefore creating a more chilling atmosphere. But the same can be said about other simple ideas, like just the right texts written on a mirror with „blood”. A mysterious sentence, like „not again” or „I had no choice” can be (with the right surroundings) much more chilling than for example a giant gnome riding a werewolf with a flamethrower in hand.

Pimp my Pumpkin

95% of the pumpkins still end up with the same „scary” face every year, and although it is of course part of the tradition, there is no shame in spicing things up a little, especially as it is very easy and there are many good ideas available online with detailed instructions.

Smiling pumpkins are especially popular nowadays, as when carved properly, they transmit a weird passive-aggressive sentiment that gives people the goosebumps. Try to make it with real eyes for example, as the carved eyes can’t really reproduce the real terrifying look. You can also try to make them without any eyes at all, which can also be really scary if done properly.

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Think Big

The best decoration is the gigantic decoration, and for that you will need to use your house as a whole. With Styrofoam and paint, you can turn your house into an ever-hungry monster, with teeth at the entrance and evil eyes on the sides, which will surely impress your neighborhood. You should of course also spice it up a little with some dead chimney-sweeps and santa(s) on the roof, and your home will turn into an architectural mass murderer.

Be careful though, if your roof is not in the best condition, heavy installments can cause some damage to your house, so professionals like Coomer Roofing & Siding advise that you call a professional to assess the condition of your roofing beforehand. It is warmly advised to do once every one or two years, so why not before the Halloween mania kicks in?

Have a Story

What really makes your decoration impressive is if you are able to tell a story by the installments you create. Don’t worry about it beforehand, just try to make as many creative items as possible, and once you have them you can make up a story and arrange the decorations accordingly. It doesn’t have to be an instant classic, but make sure it’s as realistic and mysterious as possible, and your decoration is guaranteed to be a huge success!