A personal injury doctor is a doctor who specializes in a certain kind of injury. These doctors may be general practitioners, orthopedic doctors or doctors who specialize in bone or muscle damage. A doctor who specializes in personal injury is important to have when dealing with a liability case. These doctors don’t just have advanced knowledge of the legal system. They also understand the specific problems involved in healing from a personal injury. When dealing with a personal injury, a personal injury doctor is the best type of provider to have.

What Is A Personal Injury Doctor?
Personal Injury Doctor

What is a Personal Injury?

“Personal injury” is not a catch all phrase. This is actually a legal term related to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence. An injury might result from a slip and fall in a store, in a car accident, or in a work place injury. All of these injuries are different. They can range from whiplash injuries, to lower back injuries, joint injuries or injuries to any other body part. What makes a doctor qualified to call themselves a personal injury doctor is their understanding of the legal portion of the injury.

The Legal Aspect of Medical Treatment

Why would a doctor need legal knowledge? The answer to this varies state to state, but one thing remains the same. When dealing with insurance companies in a personal injury case, they will require specific information that most doctors are not familiar with. They might ask about things like permanent impairment ratings and future treatment schedules. These reports must be extremely detailed and need to be done in a specific manner to be acceptable to the insurance company. A personal injury doctor will know how to do this.

Is Personal Injury a Specialty?

Personal injury is not a specific medical specialty. Usually, this type of doctor will already have an area of specialty. They might focus on the back or neck. They might focus on the hands. What makes the doctor qualified to call themselves a personal injury doctor is their history of treating patients with personal injuries.

Sometimes, a personal injury doctor will only treat patients with personal injuries. Other times, they will treat many different kinds of patients. The level of legal knowledge, and the understanding that a doctor has of the liability system is what determines how good they are. A good personal injury doctor can be a valuable asset to have when dealing with the complex personal injury litigation system.