Moving large pieces of furniture and heavy musical instruments, such as pianos, can be daunting.  The potential for damage itself is scary enough, but the finding a reputable company to move them is also difficult.  This is especially true of pianos and other heavy instruments as they are easily damaged, and many movers do not carry insurance for such items.  Following are some tips for moving large pieces of furniture and musical instruments.


This is not a recommended way to move heavy musical instruments and furniture, but it is possible.  The problem is that much of this type of property needs to be moved in a special and specific way to keep it protected, and only a professional knows how to do it.  Hiring movers is likely the best way to get these types of items from point A to point B.

Tips To Move Big Pieces Of Furniture Or Musical Instruments

Professional Piano Movers

Professional piano movers like Moving Man Inc. in NYC are the best route when it comes to moving pianos.  This is because they are specially trained to keep the instrument in tune and free from damage, and they also should carry the necessary insurance to cover any damage that does happen.

Movers that do Both

Professional piano movers, NYC movers in general, and those that move both are all separate breeds.  Those that do both can handle both your heavy furniture and your musical instruments, giving you peace of mind and freedom from multiple movers.  This is a great gift during a move, which is stressful in the best of times.

Tips To Move Big Pieces Of Furniture Or Musical Instruments

How do you find the Right One?

First, ask around.  Talk to coworkers, friends, family, and anyone else you come in contact with that may have had heavy furniture, musical instruments, or a piano specifically moved and find out who they used. They will likely be glad to share and you will gain valuable information.  You can do an online search and check reviews on independent sites as well, ending with a short list of movers to talk to.  Meet with each of the movers on the list, including the specific piano movers in NYC, and get a quote.  Pay attention also to the overall impression they give off, and eliminate as necessary based on that and budget.  If you are having a piano moved, look for affiliations as well.  For example, if they use Wheat on Van Lines for their piano moving that is a good sign, as this is the official moving company of Steinway.

Your belongings deserve the best.  Finding the best mover for the job is how you can be certain they are well protected and arrive in the right place at the right time.  The tips above can help, as well as being educated, doing your research ahead of time, and double or triple checking insurance coverage offered by the movers.  By doing your part on the front end, you will be able to relax on the back end knowing your things are safe and sound.

Faith Stewart writes for a variety of blogs.