Responsive Web Design is the latest craze that many search engine optimisation companies in Sydney are resorting to, to create quantifiable SEO solutions for your business.Responsive Web Design has an immense impact on methods through which information is consumed on the Internet, since it stresses on the importance of creating a site that adapts to the screen size on which it is being accessed.


responsiveNullifying the Screen Size Issue

This does away with the concept of a separate tablet, mobile, and PC versions of your site, and works well in making your content visible in a readable way. Here is why responsive website design helps your SEO strategy.

1.      Google support it

Google has given responsive web design its seal of approval to use the same HTML code to create web presences across all devices. This holds a special reference for responsive web design too. This means that webmasters are now able to use the same desktop URL for their mobile sites, rather than using a separate mobile URL. This helps your RWD site acquire better SEO rankings than one that has a mobile and PC version.

2.      Your bounce Rate is Improved

The main focus of responsive web design is to improving user experience and readability of the page while viewing it on different mobile devices. If a fantastic looking website performs in a well-enough manner, web users tend to continue to stay on it for longer. Search engine optimisation companies in Sydneywill tell you that this improves its bounce rate, which is great for your website and for SEO.

3.      It Saves on SEO Efforts, Time, and Cost

Search engine optimisation companies in Sydney understand that SEO can be a time-consuming and expensive process. Repeating your SEO efforts for a mobile version of your site isn’t viable. Optimising one site is hard enough, but optimising two is very challenging. With RWDs your SEO efforts will work across all media.

4.      Keeps Duplicate Content at Bay

By creating two sites for the same business, you risk duplicating content on at least one of them. Fresh content takes up a lot of your time, money and effort. Similar content in two different places can lead to guiding visitors to the wrong version of your site. By replicating the content of your desktop website to its mobile version, you could end up risking or ruining the credibility of the mobile site from the search engine’s perspective. When you use responsive web design, this risky behaviour is mitigated and your SEO efforts are used wisely.

5.      Updating is a Simple Process 

When you have two separate sites to update, the process is time consuming and also something that you will not really look forward to. More importantly, it could end up messing with the SEO of your main site. Since there is only one site to be updated with responsive web design, there are less chances of making any grave errors.

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