Cosmetic surgery is no longer something which patients are choosing to keep secret, in fact, we can’t get enough of it.  Statistics have shown that face and neck lift surgery has risen by 16%. Statistics have risen for both sexes as more of us are aiming for a more youthful complexion.

Facelift Glasgow

Facelift Glasgow Surgeon, Dr. Darren McKeown says that procedures are becoming so popular due to such natural results: “the scars are hidden in the natural crease in front of the ear and within the ear itself, as well as behind the ear and into the hairline. Over time the scars should be virtually undetectable.”

It is now common for Face and neck lift surgery to be performed under local anaesthetic, sedation or general anaesthetic. Each patient is different and their requirements are taken into consideration before the surgery goes ahead.

Every patient is injected with some fluid before any work is completed as this reduces the amount of bleeding and bruising, post operation. Choosing a trusted surgeon is incredibly important as they will make an incision in front of the ear, behind the back of the ear and some cases into the hair-bearing scalp which lies behind the ear.

The surgeon should be experienced as they will also need to work on the muscle layer under the skin.  The muscle is lifted, trimmed, and finally sewn back, leaving a more youthful position.

Cosmetic Trends 2017: Tops Picks

Dermal Fillers Glasgow

Injectable fillers have become one of the most popular methods of non-surgical cosmetics. Having a doctor with the appropriate dermal filler training apply some filler to your face could work wonders for you.

It is also one of the quickest ways to rejuvenate your skin to regain a youthful glow. Dermal fillers give patients back facial volume that may have been lost, and this can be provided in just a simple injection. Plastic surgeons aim to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles while emphasising attractive facial contours.

Injectable cosmetics may seem like the easiest choice, however, they must be completed by an experienced physician like dermal fillers Glasgow.

A plastic surgeon has the ability to judge the right amount of filler, applying it to the right places. Keep in mind, if you are considering dermal fillers, experience and judgement are key.

Hair Transplant Glasgow

The hair transplant used to carry a stigma for older men, however, the treatment is becoming more and more popular for both genders.

As we get older, we begin to lose, hair density and coverage.  Although a hair transplant can cover balding areas, it is common for patients to need more than one hair transplant over the course of their lifetime. In fact, most men require 2 or 3 Hair Transplant treatments to maintain the coverage that they require.

Cosmetic Trends 2017: Tops Picks

The main goal of the hair transplant process is to which is from a thicker, fuller area of the head to a section which is thinning, in most cases at the back and sides of the head – to an area of need, at the top or front. Surgeons are currently using two different methods which are known as FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) and FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction).