Success has never been easy to achieve. Since the dawn of time, it has always taken a lot for any individual to start from nothing and build themselves up – be it the warlords, scientists, noblemen or artists. The technology and opportunities may have increased manifolds today, but the basic struggle has always been the same.

As civilisations started getting more developed and people started exploring different realms of material life, business started to thrive from simple trading.

Today, businesses have been a primary sources of a nation’s annual income. From the movies you watch, the restaurants you visit to the post you’re just reading; it’s all part of commercial business.

However, development in the field of business has also made it difficult for new enterprises to thrive in the market. There are several factors such as tough competition, uninterested customers, insufficient resources and incapable staff that lead to the downfall of a business organisation.

If you are facing (or are likely to face) a similar scenario, it is always advisable to get inspired by veterans in the fields. The world has seen several entrepreneurial big shots that have lived an inspiring life full of struggles and zest.

Here are some of the most valuable life lessons given by the best entrepreneurs, the teachings of which you can also apply to your respective business ventures:

Bob Parsons: Get Out and Stay Out

This dynamic CEO of GoDaddy strongly believes in staying out of one’s comfort zone. According to him, an individual can perform the best of tasks once they get out of their comfort zone. This is the place where you are all on your own and can make the best decisions possible.

Parsons therefore teaches every entrepreneur to venture out of their comfort zone and to explore a side to them that has been kept untapped, resulting in magnanimous results!

Dave Kerpen: When You Want Something, Start With Giving!

As bizarre as it may sound, this teaching by the CEO of Likeable Local has inspired several entrepreneurs to make it big in the business world. He dedicates this advice of giving more to his father-in-law and claims it is the best piece of advice received by him.

Dave always believes in giving the best to your customers. Instead of asking for more and using manipulative techniques to have more business, he believes that performing decently providing the customers with what they want would benefit a business better.

This is one of the most ethical and work-oriented advices given by an entrepreneur who has made it huge in the market.

Michale Moritz: Follow Your Instincts

This famous British venture capitalist holds a belief that following your instincts actually help you in going a long way. However, he never endorsed the idea of simply going by rules of thumb. Moritz always advocated intensive research and analysis of every aspect involved n your business, but if there is any dilemma at the end of the day, he always suggested to take help of one’s instincts.

Herb Kelleher: Always Have An Open Mind

Herb Kelleher is the chairman as well as the founder of Southwest Airlines. According to him, it is extremely important for a businessman to have an open mind.

Kelleher insisted on the fact of open-mindedly accepting people and situations as they are. Several times, we tend to judge a problem or a person way too soon. All he advises is to have a broader perspective of people and events occurring around you.

If you are facing difficulties with the number of workers in the firm, hire more and adjust the overall salary to be paid instead of compromising with the final product. If there is an issue with a debtor making their payments, arrange for decent invoice finance instead of writing it off as a bad debt. All these examples prove that having an open mind can get you a long way with your business enterprise.

Derek Sivers: Be Your First Follower!

The CEO of CD Baby, Derek Sivers, believes in the fact that it is always fruitful to invent something new- be it a product, norm or a trend. However, this is never enough. Derek says that it is also important to follow the leadership created by you in order to make something out of it.

In one of his famous TED talks, Derek won hearts of the audience by highlighting the same aspects of coming up with inventions. According to him, you are your own first follower. If you are not able to stick to your own judgements and walk on the path laid out by your own self, you will never be able to motivate others to walk it for you.

Therefore, this advice by Derek Sivers serves as the perfect antidote when it comes to being a hypocritical businessman.