When you are remodelling or updating your house, flooring can be one of the biggest expenses that you have to keep in mind. Homeowners who are looking for a flooring that is in their budget and looks nice can choose Vinyl FLOORING.

What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is one of the latest kinds of resilient flooring available in the market. In simpler words it is an artificial flooring composed of materials like rubber, plastic, linoleum and vinyl. They are also cost efficient and a great substitute for all the natural floorings that are way toO expensive and high maintenance. It also has a softer flooring surface than other kinds of flooring.

What makes it different from other types of flooring?

There are many important factors that makes vinyl flooring different from any other kind of floorings. Vinyl flooring is not only cost effective it also comes in infinite number of patterns colours and styles that one can choose from. As it is made of artificial material it is inexpensive than other natural materials. Karndean is one of the leading brands that offer a wide range of vinyl flooring options.

Why is vinyl flooring the best option for homeowners?

There are number of advantages as to why vinyl flooring is in reality the best option for homeowners. It has been in the market for years now, here are some of the advantages of Vinyl flooring over others.

·         It lasts long:

Vinyl flooring lasts for a longer period of time as they are very durable. If it’s installed correctly they require almost zero maintenance. It is also recommended for joint families or families with little kids as heavy levels of foot traffic and stains don’t affect the flooring.

·         Easy cleaning:

One of the most important features of Vinyl floor is that it is extremely easy to clean. Frequent cleaning helps in maintaining the hygiene levels. It makes vinyl flooring a suitable option for  people suffering from any kind of allergies or Asthma.

·         Moisture-resistant:

When choosing the flooring for your house it is important to keep in mind the moisture levels of the place that it’s being installed in. For example in bathrooms there is a constant high level of moisture. Any regular flooring will get damaged in a short period in such conditions. Vinyl flooring is resistant to water which not just makes it durable but also, you are less prone to slipping and getting hurt.

·         Budget Friendly:

If you are looking for a flooring that is inexpensive go for Vinyl. It is cheaper in comparison to most of the natural stones and woods. It comes in a variety of styles, colours and patterns to choose from. It is also easy to install them as they are available in planks, sheets and tile forms, so you can choose according to your needs. The Karndean Knight Tile range is one of my personal favorites among various luxurious ranges available in the market.

·         Very comfortable:

The natural stones can hurt feet in the long run. Vinyl flooring is slightly warmer than other floorings which makes it comfortable to stand on for long periods of time in one go.