For people who go to a pain clinic for their constant pain, sometimes their pain can be so bad that they end up visiting an emergency room. When the pain gets so bad that people need to go to the emergency room to get relief, then they may need to talk to their pain doctor about what is going on because they might need new medicine or even stronger medication to help them.

The Emergency Room and Dealing with Pain

People go to the emergency room every day, and sometimes people who have chronic pain are seen often during the time that the pain clinic may be closed. However, sometimes people who go to the emergency room can be suspicious, but if people with chronic pain take certain steps, they can find pain relief from the emergency room, and people will not think they are just abusing drugs:

Going To The Emergency Room For Pain Treatment

 <> Always Carry a Letter from a Physician:

To prove that people are at the emergency room are not there to get drugs to abuse them, a person with chronic pain should carry a letter with them that informs people that they have a medical condition that requires certain medication. The emergency room staff that reads the letter will then understand that people are there for genuine pain relief, and not just there to get free medication.

 <> Be under a Doctor’s Care:

The emergency room should just be for emergency pain relief, and nothing more, because the pain clinic that people go to should be the ones that treat their chronic pain. Before any trip to the hospital is made, people should try to call their pain management facility first to let them know what is going on.

 <> Always Carry a List of Medication:

To help the emergency room doctors treat pain, the person in pain should have a lot of medication with them. The doctors in the ER might prescribe something that a person already has, and they need to make sure that any medication will not clash with what they are already taking.

People may be under treatment for their pain with a pain clinic, but sometimes a pain flare up can be so bad that they need to go to the nearest emergency room. While many people go to the ER to get drugs to abuse, to keep chronic people from being accused of that they need to carry a letter from their doctor and also a list of their current medications. An emergency room can relieve pain, but people do not want to be accused of abusing drugs when all they want to do is stop their pain. If you are based in Orange County, you may visit the following website – Pain Management Orange County.