When it comes to your sled’s maintenance, there are some things that need to be checked and changed on a regular basis, and some that you can get away with putting off for several months or even years. One thing that many people do not worry too much about is their suspension. Most riders often stick with the suspension that their snowmobile came off the line with, but the dedicated riders and serious sledders know that their suspension can make or break their ride.If you don’t quite have the cash you need to upgrade your entire snowmobile, an older sled can be made brand new by changing to a custom suspension.

The suspension is one of the main parts on a sled that gets the most abuse. Your suspension can change the whole feel of the snowmobile. If you still aren’t convinced that you need to start looking for a better-tuned suspension, here are some great reasons for you to start reconsidering.

  • Smooth Rides
  • A smooth ride is one of the biggest problems that you find when riding an older model. Your suspension is the one snowmobile part that keeps you from bouncing around. There are many times those when adding a custom suspension on to the snowmobile it will ride better than it did the day you got it.

Upgrading Snowmobile Suspensions

  • Height Adjustments
  • If you and your snowmobile are pretty much inseparable, then you might want to adjust your suspension based on your height to give yourself a better ride. With a suspension upgrade kit, you are able to adjust based on the load you are planning on carrying. It is important to note that ride height, especially if not properly adjusted, can be one of the most contributing factors to crashes.

  • Problems can be Caused by the Suspension
  • It can also be very important to keep your suspension up to date in order to limit the troubles you will have in the end. As your snowmobile gets older, you might find yourself trying to determine what is wrong with the ride; upgrading your suspension maybe all you need to do.

  • Longer Durability
  • It is important to know that custom kits are not just for style, they can also be very useful to those serious riders. In most cases, an upgrade of suspension will be more durable and have less friction. Stock parts are not designed to last long, but they will get the job done for your first few winters. These parts will not last as long as any of the upgrade kits, based on the high quality parts in them.

  • Trail Challenges
  • There are times that as you progress as a rider you will want more of a challenge on the trail. In order to ride those challenging trails with your snowmobile you will want to adjust your suspension. For example, adjustments can be made to allow you to more accurately corner while snowmobiling and stop you from losing it on turns. Rather than purchasing a new snowmobile as your skills increase, adding a custom suspension can keep your sled on the same level as you.

You will find that a good dealer can help you to find the right suspension upgrade for your snowmobile. This will give you a completely new outlook on riding, as you will have a new sled after completing the upgrade.