As a modern person, you have every day scheduled by the minute. On weekdays, you need to take your kids to the kindergarten, then go to the office, visit the hairdresser, buy groceries at the supermarket, and much more. And when you go on vacation, your schedule becomes even busier. 

For example, let’s say you’re on a family road trip. You need to arrive at the airport on time, then pick up your rental pickup truck and drop it off at the correct hours. Otherwise, the car rental company will charge you a late return fee. 

There are many more examples when you need to do everything on time, but due to the large flow of information, we often forget a lot. Fortunately, there are special applications that will remind you of your scheduled tasks in time. Here’re some of the best solutions for your Android-powered device.

Google Keep 

Before looking for any third-party reminder utilities, Android device owners should use an application installed by default on this OS. Google Keep can remind, and also allows you to draw up entire action plans. Google Keep can display notifications about scheduled things depending on the location. For example, a time reminder won’t help if you had to go to the store in the evening, but you had to stay late at work. But with an active GPS reminder, the app will inform you that you need to buy groceries when you approach the store.

8 Best Reminder Apps For Your Android-Powered Device

BZ Reminder 

This simple app will surprise you with its powerful feature set. In addition to color-coded tasks, there are customizable widgets and hourly reminders for important things to do, such as taking a pill or drinking water. The app supports Android Wear, so notifications will come directly to your smartwatch. What’s more, you can control the app in such a way as well. 

In addition, there’s a simple calendar that lets you add birthdays and important events, or import them directly from your phone’s contact list. 

Calendar Notify 

With this reminder calendar, you will cope with all your daily tasks on the fly. The application easily syncs with Google Calendar and quickly displays information about your schedule on the phone screen. So, for example, the next time you go on a road trip, you won’t need to look for last minute car rental, as you will pick it up just in time. 

You will be able to style your daily schedule the way you want. For convenience, you can mark events in different colors, and a well-thought-out filtering system will quickly show you what you need. 

Also, there are advanced options for customizing notifications, widgets, or time. Another convenient feature of Calendar Notify is the ability to view your daily schedule right on the lock screen, status bar, or widget.

8 Best Reminder Apps For Your Android-Powered Device


In addition to the main feature, this program has an alarm clock, as well as the ability to create repeated and even group reminders for different time intervals – hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Among other things, you get dedicated cloud storage and some cool features. They include a ringtone set, chat, and Buddy Alarm where you can remind your friends what they need to do. 

As for friendly reminders, don’t use them too often. After all, those who consider you too annoying can quickly ban you. Galarm is free to use and can integrate with your contacts. Unfortunately, only a few reminders will be available to you in the free version. In order to remove these restrictions, you will have to switch to the paid premium mode.


With this versatile tool, you can create important reminders and sync your tasks across devices, share to-do lists, and even create shared goals with your friends or family. TickTick helps you organize tasks by date, priority or title. 

By the way, the paid Pro version will give you even more options, for example – beautiful themes to diversify the look of the application, and widgets for easy viewing of the calendar.

8 Best Reminder Apps For Your Android-Powered Device


You will love Ike if you’ve used any to-do list app before. How does it work? First, you create a task and indicate its importance level. Depending on this, the program shows you what you need to do first. If you forgot to do something, Ike will definitely tell you about it. 

The application makes it possible to sort tasks by personal and work-related matters. Each reminder can be personalized by adding a picture, note, audio, etc. In addition, the application has a built-in map, where it will show you a route and tell you how to get to the next scheduled task. 

You can use both free and paid app versions. Choosing the latter option will open up additional features such as geo-reminders and a full set of themes and widgets.

Reminder With Alarm 

It’s a very easy-to-use alarm clock that will keep you from forgetting something important. It has several themes to choose from and the ability to organize your tasks by time. It also offers a set of widgets, repeated reminders, markers for tasks, voice input, ‘Don’t Disturb’ mode, and much more. Unlike other Android-based reminders, this one lacks cloud sync support, which is a bit inconvenient. However, the rest of the options work just fine, so Reminder with Alarm is also what we recommend.

8 Best Reminder Apps For Your Android-Powered Device

Life Reminders 

Life Reminders is a classic app in its category. You need to enter the details of the task, set the time and regularity of the signal repetition. However, some unique features will come in handy for those who make a lot of calls, send SMS or use email. 

For example, you can select any contact from your phone book and add it to a special list. Further, the phone will make a call simply by pressing the call button at the correct time. For SMS or e-mail, you need to enter the text of the message, and just press the “Send” button at the specified time.