We’re moving well into winter now, so perhaps you’re starting to refill your wardrobe and you’re planning a bit of a spring clean! It is good to have a clean out now and again, but just remember to dispose of any clothes in a sustainable way. Make sure to donate or sell everything you can and take anything else to a textile shop, as they usually sell scraps that seamstresses could find use of! 

Now, let’s get onto the exciting bit and find out a few different things that you need to know when clearing out your wardrobe. 

Take Everything Out

The first tip you should know when clearing out your wardrobe is to take everything out first! This might sound like a really simple one, but it will make things so much easier. You will be able to lay everything out in front of you, decide what you really need and what can go. Then, it will also make sure that your wardrobe and drawers are super tidy when everything goes back in! It might take some time to get everything where you want it to, but it will 100% be worth it in the long run. 

Sort Through Everything

Now that you have everything laid out on the bed or floor, it’s time to start sorting through everything. The easiest place to start is by getting rid of things that you know you definitely won’t wear again. Pick out things that don’t fit, are damaged or don’t make you feel good anymore. Then, decide whether you will donate or sell each of those pieces. 

Next up, continue working through the rest of the clothes and see if you have duplicates of things or if there are items that you think someone else might love to have more than you. These can then either be sold or donated.

Then, you should be left with a keep pile for your fashion must-haves! Now that you’ve cleared everything that you won’t be wearing, you can organise everything you’re keeping. Just remember to not throw anything away and to dispose of everything as sustainably and ethically as possible.  

Vacuum Pack Clothes For Other Seasons

The next step is to get organised and one way to do this is to vacuum pack the clothes for other seasons. When you have all your clothes for every season in your wardrobe, it is going to be packed full and very difficult to find what you’re looking for each morning, day or evening. So, once each season is over, get all your clothes together so you know that you won’t be wearing them for the next few months and put them in a vacuum bag. When winter is over, you can pack away all of your tracksuits and knitwear coats and then use your vacuum and suck all of the air out! Then, you can store them so easily.

Just as the next season is about to begin, you can swap everything over and vacuum pack everything else. Although this takes a bit of effort each season, it will make your everyday life so much easier! 

Buy Drawers For Foldable Clothes

The last tip is to buy drawers for foldable clothes. Usually, the bottom of people’s wardrobe is completely wasted. So, buying drawers for the bottom of the wardrobe is a great choice that will help you to free hanging space for the rest of your clothes. You can put anything foldable in here, like jeans and knitwear. You could also use this space for underwear, pyjamas, loungewear and anything else! This is a super simple solution to a common problem. 

Again, this is something simple that will make your everyday life so much easier! 

Final Thoughts

Choosing your clothes each day is a pretty important thing, so making your life as easy as possible is essential! Clearing out your wardrobe is a fantastic way to do this and you can pass on some items that aren’t made use of and give them to a new owner where they will get a new lease of life. Whether you are having a huge clear out or a smaller one, making sure you love all of your clothes is essential and now is the perfect time to achieve it!