It is officially the time of year to start worrying about what presents you can buy people. Buying for a man can be difficult at times because they alone are difficult to talk to. There are many items to buy a man out there, you have just got to find out what they prefer/need at the time.

This guide will be the perfect one for you if you are struggling with what to buy him. The best part about this list? It isn’t that expensive compared to the other Christmas lists that you will see on the internet. You will probably agree with me that they are way too long and there are too many items to choose from. 

Manscaped Shaver

Manscaped is a brand that every man needs to buy from. Their shaver is rated as one of the best shavers out there and seems to get better with each model that they bring out. Every time there is a common issue with the Manscaped shaver, they will release a new one that is improved. It is one of few brands out there that actually listens to its customers.

Manscaped has recently released the fourth version of their shaver called the Lawn Mower 4.0 which is an improvement from the previous model. The Lawnmower has always been an easy product to use compared to most shavers out there. 

With the previous model, the Lawn Mower 3.0, many people had issues. Manscaped marketed their product as waterproof even though some of the shavers weren’t waterproof. The shaver is designed to make sure that you do not cut yourself when it comes to shaving. Which is a product that every man wants. 

There is not much difference between the Lawn Mower 3.0 to the 4.0 other than the slight improvement. If you are trying to keep it on the cheaper side but still good quality, shop for the Lawn Mower 3.0. The reason for this is because it is £20 cheaper than the other products.  


Loungewear apparel is a product that every man needs, especially around this time of year. The reason is that they are the perfect attire for relaxing at home. There are a few different styles of loungewear to choose from, it just depends on the type of person they are. 

Fabric loungewear 

Firstly, we have got the classic loungewear style that is most common for both male and females today. This is one that you will often see out on the streets. This style will usually be a matching pair of joggers with a t-shirt or a hoodie. The type of attire that you will often see an influencer wearing on their Instagram. Fabric loungewear can look great with a pair of LeBron sneakers as well. So you could get these alongside the tracksuit. 


This type of loungewear was extremely popular during the 90s. Tracksuits have been popular in mens streetwear for 40 years now. Tracksuits have more of a sporty look to them so they are more suitable for going to football training or matches. He could even train in it if he wanted to. Nonetheless, they can also be worn casually and they are a great outfit for relaxing in. 

Mens Twin Sets

Men’s twin sets are more suitable when it comes to the months of summer. Around Summer and Autumn is the best time for men’s twinsets. Again, like a fabric loungewear set, they can be worn casually. Men’s twin sets are an essential item for a man’s wardrobe. The best part about a men’s twinset is the fact that they can be matched with a set of your own as well. 

Beerwulf Blade

If your boyfriend, husband or son missed the pub a lot during the lockdown, they probably tried purchasing a Beerwulf blade. However, they soon became out of stock due to the demand from everybody. Luckily for you, they are back in stock and although they might not necessarily need it now, it can be a great addition to the man cave. 


Gilet is the current fashion trend for men at the moment. Luckily for you, there are many brands out there to choose from for him. Some are far more expensive than others. They do the job for indoor drinking as well for many people. It is an item that he will be forever grateful for, and you will notice that he will never take it off. 

To Conclude

There are hundreds that you can buy him this year. You have got to find the happy medium of what they want and what they need. Like we mentioned before, there are many guides out there that you could use for inspiration. Just make sure to ask him what he wants or needs before you go buying products that he might not necessarily want.