People can have problems with their back as they get older, but sometimes the pain in the different parts of the back is more than just the advancement of age. Sometimes people have a back injury when they are younger, and that injury comes back to cause pain and other problems once that person reaches a certain age. When people have spine issues there are signs, and these signs can be taken care of with a non-surgical treatment called spinal decompression therapy.

Signs Of Spinal Issues

How to Know When Spinal Decompression Therapy Is Needed

The spinal column is the nerve center for the whole body, and sometimes when people have issues with the back, it can be hard to know if a pain can be a pulled muscle or something more serious. Here is more information on the signs and symptoms of a bad back that people should not ignore because it can mean a more serious form of treatment other than spinal decompression therapy:

 – Pain in the Upper or Lower Back:

A sign that there is a spine problem is pain that is in the upper back, like in the shoulder blade area, or in the lower back just below the waist. Sometimes the pain can feel like a muscle pull or strain, or something the pain can be sharp, and taking pain medication might not do much to get rid of the pain.

 – Numbness or Burning Sensations:

When a person has problems involving their nerves of the spine, people can have a variety of different sensations. Some people with back nerve issues feel that part of their lower body are going numb like they have leaned against it and going to sleep. Sometimes people have too much nerve sensation, and there are parts of their back and legs that have a burning sensation that can be very hard to live with.

 – Weakness and Bad Balance:

The spine controls the legs and feet, and nerve problems and the compression of the spine can cause people to have weak legs, and that weakness can also lead to balance problems.

People might be experiencing back problems, but they might not know it. With a bad back, one effective treatment is called spinal decompression therapy. Sometimes people have weakness in their legs, bad balance, numbness, tingling, and many other symptoms that mean that they need to seek out a chiropractor so their treatment can begin and all those symptoms can go away.