Laptops , Tablets and Phones have great craze in youngers. Window phone and Smart phones which have some extra features and applications such as 4G network, high speed internet, Wi-Fi, Video calling, Google play, Slim look and high clarity. Samsung company which provides best quality Smartphone is launching a phone which has all these features. On this phone all features are available which can satisfy a user that is Galaxy S4 Active. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a 4G network support and water resistance phone. It has 4.65″ display with 1920×1080 resolution. This phone has good finishing and attractive look.

Samsung galaxy S4 Active sports a Dual core 1.7 GHz CPU, 16 GB internal memory, DLNA, LTE and KIES Air. The 5MP front camera and 0.3 rear camera are shooting 1080pixels video, and the Front camera has larger pixels for video calling. Wi-Fi hot spot speed is very fast according to the requirement of users these days. 4.65” multi touch display has good more quality than other phones. Resolution of the display is 1920 x 1080 that gives amazing clarity. At this resolution text, images and videos are very clear.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Price & Specs

Samsung galaxy S4 Active some other features like Barometer, Goemagnetic sensor, Proximity sensor, Gesture, video zoom and video recording, LED flash, Bluetooth connectivity,  GPS system TFT technology. All these features make it ultra fast and performance. It has many communication features like document viewer, voice commands, E-mail and messaging. By using these features you have a connection with relatives and friends. It has some feature like Facebook, twitter, social networking and YouTube for entertainment. Galaxy S4 has more application like as magazines, newspapers, games, education business, health and travel. All these application make it more useable. It has 2600mAh standard Battery and give 15 hours talk time backup.

It has all features which are necessary for a user. Document viewer supports all type files such as Microsoft office file, pdf file, scan the file and put files. The GPS system is very helpful when you are traveling in a new city or a new place. It shows the direction from source to destination. Wi-Fi is the main and a new feature in tablets which provide fast speed internet. For business purpose Wi-Fi is the most used feature because internet is a part of business. By using the Bluetooth feature you can share files, images, pictures, audio and video with others. Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is lighter weight, slimmer and more powerful device.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Price & Specs

The overall performance of Galaxy S4 Active is good. Multi tasking feature and speed of the phone is too good. All pre-installed applications on this phone are better than other phone. The software and hardware of this phone are better than the new smart phone. The Galaxy Active is a complete phone with all features. If you want to purchase a phone then buy Galaxy S4 Active. It will be available in market at price Rs.39.500 approximately. At same price all these features have not been available in the market. So this Galaxy S4 Active is best in all available phones.

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