Although increasing the number of subscribers on Twitter is usually a slower process than attracting more Facebook fans, you should definitely not underestimate the power of this social network, mainly because it allows direct communication with your potential customers. You can use the following ideas and suggestions if you want to attract more followers for your business’s Twitter account.

  • Make sure your username is easy to write and remember. In this way, your followers will find you more easily;
  • Add visible Follow buttons on your website and blog, but also in other places such as your email signature, newsletters, business cards or landing pages;
  • Subscribe to individuals and brands in your field of activity. In this way, they will see that you’ve subscribed to them and, if they find your content interesting, will subscribe to youas well;
  • Create compelling content to encourage your followers to re-tweet your posts and increase your account’s visibility;
  • Comment on other people’s tweets, complement them and provide feedback;
  • Create a list of favorite tweets. The authors of these tweets will be notified by email every time you do this;
  • Use hashtags, so people looking for a certain keyword related to your business can easily find you
  • Buy real Twitter followers from reputable companies to get started on the right foot.

How To Increase The Number Of Your Twitter Followers

Using Twitter to Increase your Traffic

Once you manage to build a solid presence on Twitter, you can use this to increase the traffic to your website or blog. Tweet about interesting articles or resources published on your website as often as possible. The social network works best with shortened links, mainly because tweets are limited to 140 characters. Fortunately, there are various services you can use to shorten your URLs.

Finally, use a specific hashtag related to your brand and encouragesyour followers to also use it. This method is also likely to increase the traffic for your website because of the biggest exposure of your posts.